A fundraising carol: Ghosts of LPs past, present and future

Late on December 18, the partners of Findadeal, Leverage & Flippit enjoyed a brandy together after putting the finishing touches on the PPM for their $1 billion-targeted fourth fund. They could already taste the success they would reap, confident that the forthcoming management fees would allow them to support the lifestyles they had built…


Searching for common ground

Even though I am a vegetarian, I love Thanksgiving. For me, it’s not about the turkey, it’s an opportunity to reflect upon my life and to recognize that for which I am truly thankful. It also presents an opportunity to focus on the communities of which I am a part and to think about ways […]


Why should I interview YOU?

There’s a great line in the movie Wall Street when Gordon Gecko first meets Bud Fox. Gecko says to Fox: “This is the kid, calls me 59 days in a row, wants to be a player. There might be a picture of you in the dictionary under “persistence” kid. So tell me ‘Why should I be listening to YOU?’”


Something for nothing

What is really behind a candidate’s offer to work for free, or an employer’s decision to take a candidate up on that offer? Should you offer to work for free if you are an unemployed candidate?

Get out of your own way

Recruiter Denise Palmieri routinely sees job candidates getting in their own way. Here are her five tips to get out of your own way.

Is a groundhog guiding your career?

Recruiter Denise Palmieri says you get only one chance when applying for a position, so you need to demonstrate to a potential employer that you have the ability to do the job you want.

Let’s talk turkey: compensation

Feeling underpaid should be a signal to you to look closely at the position you’re in, the firm you’re at and your overall career objectives. While it may just be about the money, perhaps there’s really more that needs to be evaluated in your next move to make sure you’re satisfied with your career.