Best Movies of 2009 (VC Edition)

Finally saw Avatar over the holidays, and James Cameron has done it again. I can definitely see it winning the Oscar for Best Picture.

But now that 2009 has ended, it’s time to make some real Oscar predictions for the all of the best movies of the past year. So, here is my list of the Best Movies of 2009, Venture Capital (VC) style:

Unforgettable Customers

This week, one of my favorite customers of all time passed away: Neal Page. Neal had been fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and a good friend of mine sent me news that he succumbed to it this past Monday – I hadn’t talked to Neal in a few years, so I was unaware of all of this. You can read about Neal here.

As I reflected on him, it got me to thinking about a situation that happened to me a few years ago.

When we were raising our most recent fund, a prospective investor was finalizing his due diligence process on us, as we were being presented to his management for approval. He had taken interest in our somewhat unique approach to apply our deep sales and marketing backgrounds to the venture side of things, and as a final step of his due diligence process, he asked to speak to 50 former customers that either my partner Brian or I served from our past.


Inspire Someone by Saying More Than No

Recently, one of our companies presented to another venture group as they were out looking for their next financing round. After a reasonably positive report on the meeting from the CEO, he received an email from the firm that was said something like “We think you’re tackling a huge opportunity, but we don’t have the […]


Should VCs Write Blogs?

This question seems to come up quite a bit among LPs and GPs: Should a general partner at a VC firm spend time writing a blog, when it appears to be such a time-consuming process? Why would VCs even consider creating blogs to document thoughts or musings about the industry at large, when there are […]