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Ten Canadian startup and venture capital predictions for 2018

Jim Orlando, managing director at OMERS Ventures, has pulled out his crystal ball and made predictions about Canadian startup and venture capital trends in 2018. In a PE Hub Canada feature article, Jim presents ten fearless forecasts. They include declining investment in Canada’s IT sectors due to few large rounds; the opportunity for some major exits; durable crypto values; a longer wait for autonomous vehicles; augmented and virtual reality that mostly entertains, and; VC’s next big things: augmented humanity and space.

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Ten Canadian startup and venture capital predictions for 2018

It’s time to roll out my ten predictions for the Canadian technology ecosystem for 2018. As with past predictions, I will review them in a year’s time to see how I did. Hopefully, I can beat my 5 out of 10 score for 2017. 1(a) Canada’s technology ecosystem will continue to thrive, but 1(b) overall VC investment will decline, […]

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Why Canadian venture capital is the right bet for investors

In an exclusive PE Hub Canada feature article, OMERS Ventures Managing Director Jim Orlando poses the question of why investors should pay closer attention to Canada’s venture capital asset class. He answers the question with evidence of improving Canadian venture returns and opportunities based on an increasingly self-sustaining ecosystem, more risk-taking entrepreneurs and better-capitalized funds.

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Ten Canadian startup and venture capital predictions for 2017

OMERS Ventures Managing Director Jim Orlando is well known for making insightful predictions about what’s in store for Canadian startups and venture capital in the year head. He again offers his forecast for 2017 in a PE Hub Canada feature article. Among other things, Orlando expects to see moderate pull-back on the part of the VC industry, a tech IPO revival, and several new innovative trends of interest.