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We’re looking for a great managing editor

Buyouts Insider, publisher of PE HUBBuyouts and VCJ, is looking for a seasoned business journalist to fill the role of Managing Editor. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about storytelling in both new and old media.

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Listen to Peter Thiel: video

In a keynote at our recent PartnerConnect conference, Peter Thiel shared his (strong) opinions about Apple, Google, Uber, tech founders, competition, phony technology companies and lots more.

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Poll results: You’re feeling a little bubbly

A little more than 200 of you took our latest poll, which asked: “Is the pace of VC investing (on track for $40B this year) proof of another bubble?” Early on, most folks said no. But the final results show most people think we are in another bubble.

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Be afraid: VC investing is on pace to match 2001

For the first three quarters of this year more than $33 billion has been put to work in U.S.-based companies. That is $3 billion more than the amount invested in all of 2013, according to the MoneyTree Report from the NVCA and PricewaterhouseCoopers, based on data from Thomson Reuters.

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