What ‘Proprietary’ Deal Flow!?

So many general partners talk LPs up on the ‘proprietary deal flow’ pipeline. But is this mythical beast for real? Our guest blogger tackles the subject.

What a VC Governor can Teach a PE Pro

Mitt Romney once said how much he enjoyed firing people. Governor Rick Snyder asked Michigan voters to hire him. What else can a VC governor teach a private equity professional looking to get onto Capitol Hill?

Corporate LPs Back FoFs to Support Local Growth

In late 2008, Christopher Rizik, a VC and an entrepreneur rolled up his sleeves and re-invented his career. In doing so, he may well have impacted the trajectory of VC and startups in Michigan. And even the neighboring state of Ohio.

Google Venture, YCombinator

How to Get $20M Pre-Money

Monday morning guest blogger Mahendra Ramsinghani weighs in on the incredible growing seed round–and suggests that entrepreneurs would be better off, long-term, by scaling back expectations now in a frothy market.