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Fast-pace cybersecurity investing in 2017 almost matches previous year’s total

Cybersecurity investing in the United States kept its fast pace this year, almost matching last year’s total with another month to go, Thomson Reuters data shows. Big deals helped drive the activity. Overall deal volume will likely be down from last year, but average round size is up significantly. Among the top investors year-to-date are […]

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GGV, W Capital, Column show well in emerging venture portfolio

Funds from GGV Capital, W Capital Partners and the Column Group have performed well in a portfolio of emerging venture funds at the University of California. The portfolio, with 2011 to 2016 vintages, is made up largely of mid-sized funds and favors an early-stage approach to investing. Six of the 13 funds range from $600 […]

Avoiding Mistakes VC Bullpen Capital

Bullpen’s Eric Wiesen on avoiding the investment herd and common VC mistakes

Bullpen Capital is a seven-year-old post-seed firm more interested in operating metrics, unit economics and product-market fit than in chasing the latest hot sector for venture investing. In putting out money, it does what many firms don’t. It shies away from trying to predict how big an emerging market will be in five or more […]

PreMoney Outlook VC

Suster, Senkut, Lynn look ahead to 2018

First came the age of unicorns, a period beginning four years ago when venture investors pushed up median valuations by 3x and multi-billion-dollar-plus companies were born. Then came the 2016 fallout. GPs made fewer investments, counseled companies to cut costs and pared back valuations. But winter wasn’t as cold or as long as many expected. […]


SharesPost to run ICO for Finom AG

SharesPost Financial Corp. said it has been selected to run an initial coin offering for Finom AG, a cryptocurrency transaction and mining company.

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Private equity targets venture

Private equity is best known in the tech sector for big deals with the likes of Dell, Seagate Technology, EMC and Freescale Semiconductor. Now a new type of deal flying lower on the radar is drawing welcome attention from the venture capital industry. The companies involved peddle enterprise software, and the private equity firms eyeing them bring a new source […]