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"We like the fact that the food sector tends to be a necessity and stable," Cristian Jitianu said.
PrimaLoft's EBITDA and revenue grew 2.5x while MOIC was reportedly north of 7.5x, according to a source familiar with the sale to Compass Diversified.
Rotunda partner Corey Whisner says the firm focused on building Motis Brands' management team, expanded its digital marketing capabilities and made several acquisitions.
StenTech is 'well positioned to benefit from the re/onshoring of production,' says ACP's Chris Jones.
The PE firm is launching a new education platform called Axcel. 'Professional education is being reinvented and reimagined as we speak,' says Axcel CEO Jonathan Zeidan.
Investors have discovered the appealing attributes of the car wash business, including the basic service, strong margins, low working capital, labor efficiency and recurring revenue base.
The PE firm recently invested in Geosyntec, which has a team of 1,700 engineers, scientists and other technical personnel.
“Some of the trends that we were looking at include the growth in e-commerce and the increasing volume of goods that are getting shipped across the country and the proliferation of distribution centers that are being built out.”
Founded by Reuben Munger in 2008, Vision Ridge Partners seeks to deliver superior financial returns and positive environmental impact through investments in sustainable real assets.
'We have seen a large number of consumers interested in hair care at the premium end of the scale,' Kelly said.

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