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Questioning the conventional wisdom of the reserve fund

By Clint Korver, Ulu Ventures When AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco just before its planned IPO, reports credited early investor Greylock Partners with a return of 100x on its investment in the San Francisco-based enterprise software company. That report was soon amended to reflect that Greylock’s return was closer to 25x, returning an excellent $590 […]

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How PE funds can overstate LP returns by up to 50 pct

By Thomas Krenik, Harvey Powers, and Kelley Rytlewski  Private equity funds are the widely accepted investment strategy for pensions, endowments, family offices and other investors to access the private markets. But the reported returns of PE funds are misleading, representing only a partial view of the capital involved. Typically, PE fund returns are shown for deployed […]

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Digital health companies continue to drive improvements in U.S. healthcare

By Joe Riley, Psilos Group Digital health is on a roll — and that’s the best sign that U.S. healthcare is changing for the better. The marriage of healthcare and digital technology improves patient outcomes, lowers costs and broadens consumers’ access to care. Strengthening this trend is venture financing of digital health, which remained robust […]

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The 5 Ps of Private Equity: A Guide for LPs and GPs

By Solomon Owayda, founding partner, Mozaic Capital Advisors It is said that hindsight is 20/20. Wouldn’t it be great if one could look back at a private equity portfolio and have the chance to double down on the good investments and undo the bad ones? I have been investing in PE for the past 29 years, with […]

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In defense of operating partners: why operating partners work

The operating partner model has gained in popularity over recent years and is widely employed by private equity firms as a means of creating value. Operating partners bring their expertise to portfolio companies, leverage specialized knowledge in respective industries, and remain operationally involved post-purchase. However, these trusted advisors who draw the confidence of management teams and […]