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Healthcare investing: Four areas of opportunity

By Gregg Michaelson, Edison Partners It’s clear that healthcare and, more specifically, healthcare IT, will continue to be a major space for innovation and, as such, heightened investment, even from investors that perhaps have not historically focused on the healthcare market. Edison Partners has successfully invested in healthcare IT for the last 31 years. Our […]

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Four healthcare sectors turning the heads of PE investors

By Kapila Ratnam, NewSpring Capital The healthcare industry creates thousands of new investment opportunities every year. At NewSpring, we continue to see promising opportunities in telemedicine, behavioral health, home health, and pharma outsourcing. Telemedicine The use of telemedicine is growing quickly across this country: The American Telemedicine Association says that more than half of all […]

Five factors that can make ­­– or break ­­– an add-on integration

Five factors that can make ­­– or break ­­– an add-on integration

 By John L. Kurkowski, CPA, and John A. Grivetti III, CPA, Crowe Horwath LLP Record valuations coupled with anemic global economic growth have pressured acquirers to buy and integrate multiple add-on companies into a single larger and more efficient platform. While the add-on strategy has succeeded in some circumstances, many acquisitions do not meet their original […]

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Why PE firms are buying orthopedic and ophthalmology practices 

By Patrick Krause, MHT Partners Specialty physician groups continue to garner significant interest from private equity investors, with orthopedic and ophthalmology practices joining dermatology and dentistry as particularly attractive in the current market. The past few months have seen a number of transactions involving these physician-led practices. And that activity is likely to continue because these operations […]

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How to build real relationships, rather than networking, according to science

By Collin West, Kauffman Fellows If you’re anything like me the thought of networking makes you wince. Networking conjures up painful visions of stilted chit-chat with strangers wearing name tags and strained smiles. There has to be a better way. And there is. You should actually spend zero time “networking.” Instead, spend all your time […]

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The 10 most common mistakes founders make when fundraising

By Kenzi Wang, co-founder and CEO, Traction Labs One of the most harrowing experiences for an entrepreneur is going into a room with strangers, asking them for money, and then asking them to be forever tied to your company — all in 30 minutes. Put another way, that’s like meeting a potential spouse for the […]

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In defense of fairness opinions: an empirical review of 10 years of data

By Chris Janssen, Global Head of Transaction Opinions, Duff & Phelps Most fairness opinions — the professional analysis and opinion about the fairness of a price offered in a proposed merger or acquisition — use a robust set of methodologies to produce a useful range of valuations, according to Duff & Phelps’s study of more than 3,000 […]


The carve-out curveball

By Gary Moran, managing director, and Naseem Ansari, vice president, Accordion. “I cannot hit curveball. Straight ball I hit it very much. Curveball, bats are afraid.” — Pedro Cerrano, “Major League” (1989) Cerrano was no Ricky Vaughn, but the slugger had a point. It’s hard to put wood on the curveball. Fourteen years later, researchers studying the […]

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LP Scorecard: Distressed debt lags other fund strategies for Washington State

By Rich Campanaro Distressed debt can be a lucrative investment strategy, but Washington State Investment Board has had more success with several other substrategies within private equity. Of nine substrategies tracked by the $116.5 billion pension fund (excluding real estate debt and co-investments), distressed-debt funds rank next to last in both investment multiple, at 1.4x, […]

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Top 10 ways the fundraising landscape has changed for entrepreneurs

By Kenzi Wang The past five years have seen a seismic shift on strategic investment deal flow. Arguably, we’ve gone through two large, definitive periods of modern-day venture capital tech fundraising. We’ll call the first period the era, and the second the Facebook era. The era was filled with extravagance, greed, speed and […]

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VCs and the new wave of disruption

By Kirsten Morin, Aberdeen Asset Management A decade has now passed since the first iPhone and Amazon Web Services were launched, effectively marking the advent of the mobile and cloud computing revolutions. Innovation has always come in waves. Before mobile and cloud, it was the Internet, and before that, the PC. The cycle of innovation […]

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How VCs lost their minds in consumer (again)

By Jason Pressman, Shasta Ventures First, let me be clear that Shasta Ventures is deeply committed to consumer businesses. We have a deep track record of backing amazing companies that target consumers. These include financial technology companies like Mint and Tally, social networks like Nextdoor and Smule, branded e-commerce companies such as Dollar Shave Club, Poppin […]

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Questioning the conventional wisdom of the reserve fund

By Clint Korver, Ulu Ventures When AppDynamics was acquired by Cisco just before its planned IPO, reports credited early investor Greylock Partners with a return of 100x on its investment in the San Francisco-based enterprise software company. That report was soon amended to reflect that Greylock’s return was closer to 25x, returning an excellent $590 […]