David Teten, HOF Capital, venture capital

How to get superior returns in venture capital

By David Teten, HOF Capital A friend of mine interviewed for a job with the massively successful hedge-fund manager Steven A. Cohen. My friend sat in a conference room. Cohen walked in, looked at his resume, and asked just one question: “What’s your edge?”  My friend got the job because his answer was differentiated, credible and […]

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Five trends favor mid-market tech companies

By John Brennan and Jason Babcoke, Sumeru Equity Partners In Silicon Valley, nothing is sexier than a hot sector, and one of the hottest is business software. Contrary to headline-stealing, consumer-facing brands, much of the durable performance “heat” is coming from midsized growth companies that are rapidly innovating and disrupting established business processes with newer, better […]

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Why ICOs are taking center stage in venture capital

By Greg Brogger, SharesPost The market forces that drove the evolution of the private secondary markets, such as democratization, globalization, transparency and liquidity, are now driving the adoption of initial coin offerings by private tech companies. After the blizzard of ICO activity in 2017, few would contest that we are on the front end of […]

Jai Das, Sapphire Ventures, venture capital, technology

Why growth-stage companies must perpetually innovate their technology

By Jai Das, Sapphire Ventures This past year has seen an interesting exit market. With new investment vehicles, companies like Uber continuing to stay private and colossal IPOs like Snap ultimately struggling, the 2017 investing environment has certainly offered a lot of insights. For companies looking to IPO, there are a few strategies for success […]

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Lyft vs Uber: David vs. Goliath battle plays out in 2018

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Everyone loves a David vs. Goliath story. The ancient tale has become a symbol of how smaller competitors can defeat larger ones using intelligence and determination. History is full of upstarts who slug it out with industry giants and win: Facebook vs. MySpace, Google vs. Yahoo, Apple vs. IBM, and so […]

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VC Video Interview with Mark Suster: ICOs … it’s not going to end well

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows In hindsight, the collapse of the late ‘90s dot-com bubble should never have been a surprise. For years, technology startups had been raising investment capital hand over fist, companies were launching initial public offerings (IPOs) without strong underlying business models and the equity markets were growing exponentially. The Nasdaq jumped […]

Is Private Equity Paying Attention to ASC 606?

Is private equity paying attention to ASC 606?

By Gary Moran, Accordion, and Joseph St. Denis, Baseline Insights ASC 606 is the most important thing you’ve never heard of. Hyperbole? Perhaps. In fairness, you’ve probably heard of the new revenue-recognition standard, if not its uninspired acronym. But what you know of the new standard probably can be boiled down to three points: It’s […]

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What cryptocurrencies mean for venture capital

By Kirsten Morin, Aberdeen Standard Investments Venture capitalists are paying close attention to the volume of capital that has been raised via initial coin offerings in 2017, as some industry participants postulate that it could disrupt the way early-stage venture financing will be structured. As of Nov. 30, 228 ICOs have raised $3.6 billion, CoinSchedule reports. The […]

Diversity Video VC

Tech diversity needs to extend to institutional investors

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows We may someday look back at the summer of 2017 as a watershed moment in the fight for diversity in the technology industry. First, ride-sharing company Uber released the findings of an internal investigations into 215 accusations of employee sexual harassment, firing 20 people and publicly dedicating itself to creating […]

Spotify SharesPost Column VC

Spotify’s bid to bring music to investors’ ears

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Spotify is one of the global music industry’s only bright spots of the past decade. The question now is will it bring music to the ears of investors. If the company continues on its growth path and executes on its anticipated IPO, this is one possible outcome. But there are no […]

Joanne Baginski, EKS&H, private equity, merger, M&A, management

10 considerations for PE buyers to keep management teams intact

By Joanne Baginski, EKS&H When a private equity buyer acquires a company, a key concern is ensuring that the management team, with all the knowledge and experience, sticks around to grow it.  That factor alone can be the difference between a great investment and a lackluster return. So it is critically important to create incentive […]

Dubai Video Interview Kauffman VC

VC Video Interview: Entrepreneurship in Dubai

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows Entrepreneurship in Dubai is endlessly growing, it seems, like its famous skyline. Some now refer to Dubai as Silicon Oasis, as this global mecca of technology and innovation is brimming with incubators and accelerators, along with venture capital and private equity firms. Dubai is betting big on tech, too, particularly […]

Michael Kauffman, Tech DNA, private equity, venture capital, technology, law

Buyer Beware: Assessing and averting tech risks for PE buyers through due diligence

By Michael Kauffman, Tech DNA The technology risks uncovered by technology due diligence fall into three main risk categories: hidden liabilities, increased downside risks, and decreased upside risks. Hidden Liabilities These risks are often the largest liabilities. They include: Cybersecurity / Privacy Risk: By now most professionals understand the reputational risks of being hacked. A […]

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PE investors back gummy-vitamin revolution

By Patrick J. Crocker, MHT Partners Private equity is in love with all things gummy, investing in a gummy-vitamin revolution that’s sweeping the $41 billion U.S. vitamin/mineral/supplement market. Virtually nonexistent a few years ago, the gummy-supplement market is already valued at more than $1 billion in annual U.S. revenue and is rapidly growing — a […]

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VC Video Interview: Don’t fear the ‘robopocalypse’

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows There are some people who fear the future with robots. Elon Musk has started warning that artificial intelligence could be a real threat to humans. Others fear robots will take jobs away from people and we’ll never get them back. It almost sounds like a new frontier in science fiction. […]