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The verdict is in: Spotify’s direct listing is an unqualified success

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Spotify took an enormous gamble when it decided to directly list its shares on the NYSE in the largest deal of its kind. Unlike others, the company decided not to use the usual crowd of investment bankers, roadshow organizers, bookrunners and equity underwriters to market its stock and set an IPO […]

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Ukraine’s IT sector: a new Mecca for emerging markets PE?

When people think IT outsourcing, they think Bangalore or Hyderabad or any number of tech hubs in South Asia. But Ukraine is rapidly emerging as a leader in competitive IT services, creating new opportunities for savvy private equity investors. A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index ranks Ukraine among the largest outsourcing markets worldwide. The country’s […]

VCJ Venture IPO Guest Column

Domo headed toward down-round IPO

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Domo, a Utah analytics unicorn, recently filed for its IPO. Based on its financials, ongoing cash burn and slowing top-line growth, we think it could be headed to a down-round IPO. The company’s most recent private funding valuation was $2.28 billion as of December 2017, but we’d be surprised if its […]

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Does your community have a catalyst? It should.

By Tim Schigel, Refinery Ventures In the startup world we spend enormous time and resources building infrastructure to spot the next big idea, foster successful startups and ensure that the best companies thrive. We’re funding accelerators, setting up incubator spaces and offering founders everything from funding to mentorship to work space. Just start your company. […]


European unicorns on the rise with Adyen IPO

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Adyen, a payments processing company from the Netherlands, filed its IPO prospectus last week. With a private valuation of about $11 billion, the company’s stock offering could be the largest European offering since Spotify’s. We’ve witnessed several international IPOs this year spread across several sectors, such as fintech, ride sharing, healthcare […]

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Enterprise IPOs on a roll with Adaptive Insights on deck

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Is Adaptive Insights’ IPO next on the hit parade? The Palo Alto company, a provider of on-demand business performance management software, recently filed for its IPO and is seeking to raise $100 million with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch as lead underwriters. The company’s software focuses on budgeting, forecasting, model-building, reporting, […]

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GreenSky’s IPO and the second wave of fintech offerings

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost GreenSky is scheduled to go public this week at a price ranging from $21 to $23 a share, giving it a valuation of up to $4.4 billion. The Atlanta-based fintech company’s IPO could raise up to $901 million, the largest fintech stock offering to date. Shares of publicly traded fintech companies […]

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Walmart becomes SoftBank of ecommerce startups

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Walmart paid $16 billion for a 77 percent majority stake in Indian ecommerce leader Flipkart, implying an exit valuation of $20.8 billion. Flipkart is not only Walmart’s largest acquisition to date, but also the largest ever acquisition of a VC-backed ecommerce company worldwide. Per Walmart filings, in the fiscal year ended […]

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Gamification in education is a growing target for PE

By Alex Hicks, MHT Partners Not long ago, it was common to think that kids should stay away from computer or tablet screens, much the way we thought about television. Now, screens are being embraced as educational tools for younger and younger students as parents and educators begin to realize the benefits of the interactivity […]

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Stop trying to understand cryptomining and start evaluating investments

By Cale Moodie, Neptune Dash There is a prevailing belief that you need to grasp all the intricacies of cryptocurrency mining or blockchain technology before investing in a cryptocompany. But I’d encourage you to ask yourself whether everyone who invested in Google has a background in computer programming. The answer, of course, is definitely not. […]

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The hidden costs of web migration – four areas for digital due diligence

By Tim Lacey, Infinity Nation Giving companies the budget they need to migrate to new websites and platforms? Sound thinking. Assuming the process will be straightforward and won’t require expert help? Expensive thinking. I’ve recently come across a number of PE investors who have invested in ecommerce businesses either in need of a platform migration or […]

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Maximizing investment in medical practices: insight for PE

By Ken Comée, CareCloud A wave of “feverish deal-making has swept through the global life sciences and healthcare industry,” reports Deloitte. The $900 billion independent-medical-practice segment is part of this trend, in a new period of its own M&A activity, being fueled in part by private equity investors. One recent report counted more than 200 […]


DocuSign IPO seems ready for success

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost DocuSign is scheduled to go public this week, having recently filed an S-1 at an offering price ranging from $24 to $26 per share. On Wednesday, DocuSign raised its pricing range to $26 to $28 per share, implying a market cap of $4.3 billion at the high-end and a 40 percent […]

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How to bet and win on biosciences … outside established hubs

By Matthew McCooe, Connecticut Innovations San Diego. New Haven. Boston. Besides cities that make for a nice waterside vacation, these destinations seem to have figured out the complex, yet irresistible, world of bioscience investment. For municipalities looking to stoke an innovation ecosystem, an anchor industry can provide the needed spark. One of the best anchor-industry […]

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Five tips to ensure your portfolio companies are audit ready

by Scott Tynes, Consero Global If you are the owner of any sort of for-profit organization, preparing for an audit can be quite stressful. An audit is designed to objectively evaluate your firm’s financial position and confirm that your organization complies with all relevant laws. No matter what industry you may be in, an audit can […]

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A cybersafe portfolio is critical to protecting your PE investment

By Joanne Baginski, EKS&H From Equifax to Facebook, cybersecurity incidents are constantly in the news. This pervasive problem is not reserved, however, for household names. It also hits middle-market companies and their customers hard, often without generating big headlines. This is why assessing cybersecurity risks has become a crucial aspect of the due-diligence process for private equity […]

Justin Johnson, Valuation Research Corp, private equity

Rollover equity for PE deals: issues and solutions

By Justin Johnson, Valuation Research Corp Many private equity platform acquisitions and some add-on deals feature what is referred to as rollover equity. Rollover equity arises when certain equity holders in the target company, including founders and key members of management, roll part of their ownership stakes into the new equity-capital structure put in place by […]

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Carbon Black’s IPO is another unicorn in the making

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Carbon Black, the Cambridge, Massachusetts cybersecurity company, recently filed for its IPO, and it could well be the next unicorn. Carbon Black makes software that collects, stores and analyzes massive amounts of raw cloud data to predict and detect cybersecurity threats. Carbon Black’s IPO comes on the heels of a successful […]