Wayne Shiong, China Growth Capital, venture capital, China, space, aerospace, spacecraft

Investing in China’s space dream

By Wayne Shiong, China Growth Capital On Jan. 3 China marked space history by landing the robotic spacecraft Chang’e-4 on the far side of the moon. With government support, China’s space industry has made remarkable achievements after 60 years of hard work. And China’s commercial space industry, particularly the commercial launch market, is an investment […]

VCJ Israel Report AI

As AI evolves, so must VC investment teams

By Lu Zhang, Fusion Fund To say artificial intelligence is old news would be an exaggeration, as we’ve only just started to see its implications: It’s transforming industries across the business landscape, and PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts AI will grow the global economy by $15.7 trillion over the next 12 years. Needless to say, venture capitalists should be investing […]

Dan Shoenholz, Peter Gates, EY-Parthenon, healthcare, private equity

Forming a healthy relationship between PE and healthcare

By Dan Shoenholz and Peter Gates, EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP In the healthcare sector, private equity is often viewed as a financial sponsor with limited impact on improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. In fact, some founders and physicians are concerned that PE may even hurt the patient-care effort. Often overlooked, however, is the […]

private equity, infrastructure, Africa, Surya Mohan, Endeavor Energy Holdings

The case for a long-life African infrastructure fund

By Surya Mohan, Endeavor Energy Holdings The African-infrastructure-investment landscape has been full of promise for several decades. There is no shortage of intellectual voices collectively pointing to the positive financial, economic, social and environmental impacts that can come from infrastructure investment on the continent. Despite this, private infrastructure investments in Africa remain far short of […]

Acertitude, Kevin O'Neill, private equity, venture capital, management, CFO

A playbook for making a critical portfolio-company hire: the CFO

By Kevin O’Neill, Acertitude While “greed…is good” was the manifesto of Gordon Gekko, the iconic corporate raider from “Wall Street,” “transformation is king” is the proclamation of today’s private equity leaders when driving portfolio company value. Gone are the days when a sponsor buys a company, makes little or no change in the business strategy […]

private equity, elearning, education, MHT Partners, Alex Hicks

Skills shortage fuels corporate e-learning and PE interest

 By Alex Hicks, MHT Partners Remember when a college degree was a ticket to a long, successful career? Not anymore. These days, too many students emerge from college lacking the real-world skills that employers are looking for in the digital economy. This growing skills gap presents a major challenge to companies as they compete for […]

VCJ VC Valuation Unicorns

The rise of unicorns: a funding event, not a destination

Paul Asel, NGP Capital On Oct. 9, when Brex announced its $125 million Series C financing, Business Insider proclaimed breathlessly, “credit card startup joins unicorn club months after launching.” Since the term “unicorn” was first applied to technology companies exceeding $1 billion valuations in 2013, a cottage industry has emerged tracking the rise of these […]

VCJ Venture SharesPost Guest Column

Chinese mega-unicorn Tencent readies IPO as music wars heat up

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost After a two-month delay, Tencent Music Entertainment’s IPO is back on track. This much-anticipated public offering is likely to re-ignite the battle with Spotify for global supremacy of streaming music. Tencent (TME), the Chinese leader in music streaming, initially filed to go public in October. But TME, a subsidiary of Chinese […]

Jeffrey Mittleman, Jenna Schapiro, Holland & Knight, private equity, healthcare, law, regulation, Medicare, Medicaid

Why regulatory due diligence is essential in healthcare PE transactions  

By Jeffrey Mittleman and Jenna Schapiro, Holland & Knight Your target is a physician or dental practice, an ambulatory surgery center, a medical device manufacturer, a pharmacy, a dialysis company, a durable medical equipment company or perhaps even a biotech or pharmaceutical manufacturer. You have been eyeing a transaction in healthcare or life sciences and this […]

Fred Crawford, Ted Bililies, AlixPartners, private equity

Managing the sponsor, CEO and CFO triangle: rules for success

By Fred Crawford and Ted Bililies, AlixPartners We’ve all seen relationship triangles before — in film they make for great drama. But what about in business? If you’re a PE sponsor, one of the most critical relationships you’ll encounter is that among you, the portfolio company CEO, and the portfolio company CFO. Like all triangles, […]

VCJ Venture AI Healthcare

AI is an inevitable force coming to healthcare.

By Mike Geldart, Excellere Partners The declaration was radical and to the point:  “Eighty percent of what doctors do should be and will be done by machines using AI.” As legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla uttered those words at a recent healthcare conference, I looked around the room full of doctors, healthcare executives, […]

Bass Berry & Sims, Angela Humphreys., law, healthcare, private equity

PE’s record in healthcare worth defending

By Angela Humphreys, Bass, Berry & Sims PLC Private equity has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on healthcare. But after a decade of reinvention in the industry — with no sign of letup — even those interested in finding new ways to deliver care show signs of change fatigue. In this environment, critics wedded to the status […]

private equity, merger, M&A

The mostly dead merger (and its unexpected integration issues)

By Gary Appelbaum, Accordion Articles on why mergers fail are ubiquitous, (cue the Google search). Each provides its own list of reasons for the historically disappointing success rate, citing issues like overestimation of synergies (cost and growth), culture clashes, inflated valuations, etc. Almost all, however, share one reason: integration failure. To a fault, these articles point […]

Cannabis Investing VC

Cannatech: Cultivating marijuana’s green valleys

By Jeff Howard and Michael Gruber, Salveo Capital As the cannabis industry takes shape, the market’s momentum has been punctuated every few weeks by news of celebrity enlistments, ranging from the obvious, such as Willie Nelson, to the unexpected, John Boehner. While it may not capture the public’s imagination, the steady march of Silicon Valley […]

building products, construction, homebuilding, private equity, merger, M&A

U.S. building products: untapped potential for PE

By Nick Gaidai Often overlooked by private equity players due to its cyclicality, the U.S. building-products sector presents a strong case for value-adding investors. Operationally minded PE shops that are able to navigate homebuilding cycles, execute on disciplined bolt-on acquisition strategies and adopt new technologies can deliver returns in the high teens by investing in […]

Pine Brook Partners, private equity, energy, oil and gas

Private equity’s energy moment

By Richard Aube, Pine Brook To the casual observer, late 2014 through 2017 was a rough time to be invested in the energy industry. The oil market was awash in oversupply, creating a down cycle for the industry and a volatile commodity-price environment that few understood. As a result, even today, someone who took only […]

VCJ Guest Column Risk Reward

Risk/rewards of SPACs and why they’re in vogue with investors

By Craig Lawson, MHT Partners The special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, is back. This unique, at times misunderstood, hybrid investment vehicle has enjoyed a strong resurgence in recent years. SPACs, known on Wall Street as blank-check companies, enable investors to acquire equity in a company formed for the sole purpose of finding an appropriate firm […]

Akin Gump, Lisa Peterson, private equity, family office, co-investment

Co-Investments: protecting your investment

By Lisa Peterson, Akin Gump Fund sponsors see co-investment opportunities as a way to mitigate fundraising challenges, recruit strategic partners and develop strong relationships. Some sophisticated fund investors, including institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals, leverage co-investments to increase exposure to high-quality managers, with an improved risk/return profile and more diversification, at a lower cost. […]