Matthew McCooe, Connecticut Innovations, venture capital

How Connecticut became the least likely innovation hub in the U.S.

By Matthew McCooe, Connecticut Innovations Think back to where Connecticut was 20 years ago. A National Hockey League franchise had just left the state, it was one of the only places in the country where incomes were actually falling and we were known more for David Letterman’s speeding tickets than anything resembling innovation. On the national […]

Alex Hicks, MHT Partners, education, software, private equity

Why private equity investors are betting on digital education

By Alex Hicks, MHT Partners Digital streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix have forever changed the business of music and movies. Now, that same approach is slowly transforming education publishing. Those hefty textbooks weighing down kids’ book bags all over the U.S. could become a thing of the past. The U.S. spends more than […]

VC Venture Lessons Best Practices

Why venture capitalists should be CEOs first

By Mike Janke, DataTribe I have been a venture capitalist for more than three years, and before that a serial entrepreneur and startup CEO and angel investor. The difference between the two positions is huge. And the experience I developed as a CEO became invaluable when I moved over to the VC side. As a VC […]

Gretchen Lyn Koehler, Bentham IMF, private equity, law, litigation

Litigation finance: revenue source, co-investment opportunity, value enhancer

By Gretchen Lyn Koehler, Bentham IMF Among trends predicted to affect private equity in 2018 is a potential drop in the number of active U.S. PE investors. Firms seeking to maintain deal activity amid less capital inflow from traditional sources have a ready tool in litigation finance, which has historically been underutilized by the industry. […]

Cybersecurity, venture capital, crime, Trident Capital Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in 2018: broader scope of innovation and bigger venture dollars

By Sean Cunningham, Trident Capital Cybersecurity Given the explosion of ransomware attacks in 2017 and stunning breaches like those at Equifax and the National Security Agency, it’s no surprise that corporations worldwide invested yet another record amount in cybersecurity products and services. Predictably, venture capitalists and their counterparts inside corporations also invested a record amount […]


The numbers powering Spotify’s $21 billion+ IPO

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost The highly anticipated initial public offering of music-streaming service Spotify is likely to be held in the late Q1 or early Q2 timeframe. We have published a previous Spotify research report about the firm’s growing clout in the global music industry, as well as the pros and cons of a direct-listing […]

Paul Share, Conway MacKenzie, private equity

In-house operating partner or external professional: Which is right for your PE firm?

By Paul Share, Conway MacKenzie The operating partner’s role in private equity is a relatively new position. Industry firms differ about whether such a role should exist and, if so, whether an in-house operating partner (employee) or external operations professional (consultant) should be utilized. Many PE firms need additional boots on the ground in some […]

Bob Dryzgula, Harvest Exchange, private equity, blockchain, artificial intelligence

Has private equity finally embraced AI and blockchain?

By Bob Dryzgula, Harvest Exchange One cannot go a day reading the news and not seeing the phrases “artificial intelligence” and “blockchain.” Once the domain of academics, coding enthusiasts and quantitative hedge funds, these technological advances have finally made their way into private equity. According to a recent survey of PE investors by Coller Capital, two-thirds of […]

David Teten, HOF Capital, venture capital

How to get superior returns in venture capital

By David Teten, HOF Capital A friend of mine interviewed for a job with the massively successful hedge-fund manager Steven A. Cohen. My friend sat in a conference room. Cohen walked in, looked at his resume, and asked just one question: “What’s your edge?”  My friend got the job because his answer was differentiated, credible and […]

private equity, technology, John Brennan, Jason Babcoke

Five trends favor mid-market tech companies

By John Brennan and Jason Babcoke, Sumeru Equity Partners In Silicon Valley, nothing is sexier than a hot sector, and one of the hottest is business software. Contrary to headline-stealing, consumer-facing brands, much of the durable performance “heat” is coming from midsized growth companies that are rapidly innovating and disrupting established business processes with newer, better […]

Cryptocurrency ICO VC SharesPost

Why ICOs are taking center stage in venture capital

By Greg Brogger, SharesPost The market forces that drove the evolution of the private secondary markets, such as democratization, globalization, transparency and liquidity, are now driving the adoption of initial coin offerings by private tech companies. After the blizzard of ICO activity in 2017, few would contest that we are on the front end of […]

Jai Das, Sapphire Ventures, venture capital, technology

Why growth-stage companies must perpetually innovate their technology

By Jai Das, Sapphire Ventures This past year has seen an interesting exit market. With new investment vehicles, companies like Uber continuing to stay private and colossal IPOs like Snap ultimately struggling, the 2017 investing environment has certainly offered a lot of insights. For companies looking to IPO, there are a few strategies for success […]

VC Guest Column SharesPost

Lyft vs Uber: David vs. Goliath battle plays out in 2018

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Everyone loves a David vs. Goliath story. The ancient tale has become a symbol of how smaller competitors can defeat larger ones using intelligence and determination. History is full of upstarts who slug it out with industry giants and win: Facebook vs. MySpace, Google vs. Yahoo, Apple vs. IBM, and so […]

Crypto ICO VC Video Kauffman

VC Video Interview with Mark Suster: ICOs … it’s not going to end well

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows In hindsight, the collapse of the late ‘90s dot-com bubble should never have been a surprise. For years, technology startups had been raising investment capital hand over fist, companies were launching initial public offerings (IPOs) without strong underlying business models and the equity markets were growing exponentially. The Nasdaq jumped […]

Is Private Equity Paying Attention to ASC 606?

Is private equity paying attention to ASC 606?

By Gary Moran, Accordion, and Joseph St. Denis, Baseline Insights ASC 606 is the most important thing you’ve never heard of. Hyperbole? Perhaps. In fairness, you’ve probably heard of the new revenue-recognition standard, if not its uninspired acronym. But what you know of the new standard probably can be boiled down to three points: It’s […]

Cryptocurrency ICOs Coins VC

What cryptocurrencies mean for venture capital

By Kirsten Morin, Aberdeen Standard Investments Venture capitalists are paying close attention to the volume of capital that has been raised via initial coin offerings in 2017, as some industry participants postulate that it could disrupt the way early-stage venture financing will be structured. As of Nov. 30, 228 ICOs have raised $3.6 billion, CoinSchedule reports. The […]