Finding the gold standard in PE valuations

In the past 10 years, private equity deal activity has more than doubled while the number of companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges has fallen by 50 percent over two decades. This corresponds with the changing dynamics in how companies are raising capital. PE continues to play an important role in the global economy and […]


The case for paranoid optimism

By Paul Asel, NGP Capital With a 10-year bull run, most venture investors have never managed through a downturn. This poses a risk both for novice investors who are lulled into complacency and the venture market generally who compete with the highest bidder on deals. As round sizes and valuations have doubled in the past […]


Focus on talent during due diligence  

In one of their more comical endeavors, Kramer and Newman of Seinfeld fame decide one day to reverse the peepholes on their apartment doors, allowing anyone who so chooses to have a clear look inside. Kramer boldly proclaims, “If somebody wants to help themselves to an eyeful, we say ‘enjoy the show!’” If only it […]


Sponsors and CFOs embrace Private Techquity  

Like your 80-year-old great aunt’s refusal to use a smartphone, private equity has stubbornly resisted technology adoption and digital modernization. Your aunt has a generational excuse. Private equity does not. But behind the ubiquity of excel spreadsheets, we are starting to see a shift toward digitization and modernization. This shift underscores private equity’s slow (but […]


Private equity Moneyball: spring training metrics for post-season glory

“There is an epidemic failure in the game to understand what is really happening.” That’s the beginning of fictional-character Peter Brand’s now-famous speech to A’s GM Billy Beane in the movie Moneyball, which depicts the birth of the sabermetric era of baseball (based on Michael Lewis’ book of the same name). With the MLB playoffs […]


A successful corporate accelerator must step on the gas

As legacy businesses are becoming more and more desperate to attract younger employees, customers and audiences, they are shelling out boatloads of cash to develop incubators and venture arms and are even buying “cool” companies outright. Just recently, for example, AB InBev’s “innovation, incubation and investment” unit ZX Ventures took a stake in a soda […]


Three Ways Private Equity Firms Can Increase Value of Health Care Portfolios

Since 2012, the total number of private equity deals have increased within the healthcare sector year after year. As of mid-December 2018, a record breaking 464 private equity deals had closed with a combined value of $35 billion. Attracted by the high return on investment the healthcare sector can generate for portfolios, the current investment […]


A political perfect storm for private equity

Policymakers and politicians have become increasingly aware of the remarkable rise of private equity. True to form, the Beltway has done its part to add growing pains to the growth of the industry. Throughout 2016 and 2017, during the runup to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, political crosshairs were set on the carried interest […]


Co-investing: the struggle is real

Co-investing is an area in which investor interest doesn’t seem to be abating. There are plenty of ardent proponents of the practice, as well as some vehement skeptics. One thing that seems certain, though, is that co-investment is an ingrained and fundamentally important part of the private markets landscape and a subject that commands ongoing […]


Why the loyalty business is becoming a rewarding investment target

The old adage about the finance industry is “if you want loyalty on Wall Street, get a dog.”  That mentality has slowly crept onto Main Street as cultural norms have shifted, a strong job market has persisted and the options for consumers have exploded and are just a click away. A much-referenced LinkedIn study reported that […]


Increased corporate venture partnering in healthcare is reshaping industries

The growing role of corporate venture capitalists (CVCs) in financing innovation is undeniable. In 2018, according to CB Insights, CVCs invested $52 billion in U.S. startups, an historic high and more than triple the $15.2 billion they invested in 2013. But what’s changing in corporate venture capital is not only the increased activity, but also […]

VCJ Guest Column

What you should know before entering the Russian market

By Victor Orlovski, Fort Ross Ventures As the ninth largest population in the world, Russia is home to a budding and dynamic tech scene. Moscow was ranked as the No. 2 city for fastest-growing private companies, and St. Petersburg was cited as the ninth best city for fast-growth firms according to last year’s Inc. 5000 […]

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Is this really a SaaS deal?

By Scott Meyer, Glenview James LLC Everyone wants to invest in a high-growth software-as-a-service deal. It’s the holy grail. But many times PE investors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on diligence, only to find out that the target business isn’t really SaaS after all. Here’s how to save time and money and make smarter […]

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Cyber due diligence: considerations before a merger or acquisition

By Michael Abboud, TetherView Do you have any idea how often hackers attack? A University of Maryland study says a cyberattack on average happens every 39 seconds. That’s 2,200 attempts a day, more than 800,000 a year. Countless companies — Sony, JP Morgan, Target and Equifax, to name just a few — have fallen prey to […]