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Investing in the continuum of care can be a win-win for patients and hospitals

By Patrick Krause, MHT Partners In an ideal world, a patient’s journey through a hospital system would be seamlessly managed to provide a holistic evaluation and treatment of his or her medical needs. The reality is that patients rarely experience an integrated-care approach from admission to discharge and follow-up care. Across this so-called continuum of […]

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Changing the perception of private equity

By Tim Fazio, Atlas Holdings The public perceives private equity along a storyline like this: A PE firm buys a business, lades it with unsustainable amounts of debt from undisciplined lenders, and strips out cash to pay itself and its partners a large dividend. Eventually, the business goes bankrupt, leaving behind fractured communities and thousands […]

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Ripple’s bid to disrupt the payments sector

By Alejandro Ortiz, SharesPost Founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb in 2012, Ripple is the one of the first companies to successfully provide a practical application of the blockchain technology. Through RippleNet, its payments platform that runs on a blockchain, the company provides a seamless way to send money overseas regardless of location or […]

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Private multiples are ascendant. Is this the new normal?

By Hugh MacArthur, Bain & Co Valuation multiples move up and down. Yet for the past 30 years, the average multiple of Ebitda paid for public assets has almost always topped that paid for private assets. In fact, during only three periods historically did private multiples generally exceed the public average: during the “Barbarians at […]

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The do’s and don’ts of executing a rebrand

By Matt Stein, CompleteSpectrum From aligning brand messaging during a merger or acquisition to embracing new market opportunities, a PE fund might have a number of reasons to rebrand a portfolio company. Regardless of the motivation, you must consider how others have fared when executing a rebrand and think about what will work best for […]

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International startups can speed the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems

By Matthew McCooe, Connecticut Innovations Hypergrowth startups are essential for a community’s transformation to an innovation hub. Getting the companies up and running, however, can be a painfully slow process. Waiting for new companies to emerge from a garage or a university is the traditional way to grow the innovation landscape. Given that the U.S. […]

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Making money when every deal is a tech deal: managing the buzzword blizzard

By Scott B. Meyer, Glenview James LLC Time was we had tech deals and non-tech deals. But the world has changed, and today, as Kewsong Lee of Carlyle Group puts it, “every deal is a tech deal.” Even old-school industries are confronting digital transformation. This change has particularly hit home in private equity. Due diligence is the […]

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Two sides of the private equity coin

By Tom Wyatt, KinderCare News reports lamenting the loss of Toys ‘R’ Us this holiday have brought the debate over the perils of private equity top of mind. For us at KinderCare, the demise of the former retail giant stands in stark contrast to our story with PE. While there are similarities between the two […]

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To survive a downturn, take the bad ‘E’ out of Entrepreneur

By Tim Schigel, Refinery Ventures The mid-1990s through the early 2000s were an exciting time for entrepreneurs and investors as prices for internet startups soared. Then the bottom fell out of internet stocks and the dot-com bust reverberated through the nation’s economy. In retrospect, it was probably a terrible time to start up a company […]

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Postmates seeks to deliver in its public debut

By Alejandro Ortiz, SharesPost Postmates is entering the final leg of its journey to an IPO. The company, which operates at the crossroads of last mile delivery and the sharing economy, recently disclosed that it confidentially filed for a public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Founded in 2011 by Sam Street, Sean Plaice […]


Ebitda adjustments in restaurant deals: ensuring fair outcomes

By Jordan Myers, Alston & Bird The framework for defining EBITDA in middle-market credit agreements is often portable from one industry to another. But the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for the restaurant industry. In credit agreements, understanding industry-specific adjustments is critical to effectively negotiating EBITDA and related definitions and achieving fair outcomes for borrowers […]

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Slack’s bid to become a public decacorn

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Slack recently announced that it has filed confidential documents for an IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission. While the company’s prospects look strong, several big questions loom for the messaging and collaboration platform. When will the 10-year-old company reach profitability? Can Slack continue to innovate and thus remain the market […]

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Top 5 factors to consider before the next downturn

By Michele Kovatchis, Antares Capital It’s been a quiet time for workout teams, with the U.S economy still in its longest expansion since WWII. When the next downturn will hit is unknown, but lenders, borrowers and investors should consider some key factors likely to affect the next down cycle. Some have new dynamics and implications […]