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Maximizing investment in medical practices: insight for PE

By Ken Comée, CareCloud A wave of “feverish deal-making has swept through the global life sciences and healthcare industry,” reports Deloitte. The $900 billion independent-medical-practice segment is part of this trend, in a new period of its own M&A activity, being fueled in part by private equity investors. One recent report counted more than 200 […]


DocuSign IPO seems ready for success

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost DocuSign is scheduled to go public this week, having recently filed an S-1 at an offering price ranging from $24 to $26 per share. On Wednesday, DocuSign raised its pricing range to $26 to $28 per share, implying a market cap of $4.3 billion at the high-end and a 40 percent […]

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How to bet and win on biosciences … outside established hubs

By Matthew McCooe, Connecticut Innovations San Diego. New Haven. Boston. Besides cities that make for a nice waterside vacation, these destinations seem to have figured out the complex, yet irresistible, world of bioscience investment. For municipalities looking to stoke an innovation ecosystem, an anchor industry can provide the needed spark. One of the best anchor-industry […]

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Five tips to ensure your portfolio companies are audit ready

by Scott Tynes, Consero Global If you are the owner of any sort of for-profit organization, preparing for an audit can be quite stressful. An audit is designed to objectively evaluate your firm’s financial position and confirm that your organization complies with all relevant laws. No matter what industry you may be in, an audit can […]

Joanne Baginski, EKS&H, private equity, merger, M&A, cybersecurity, hacking

A cybersafe portfolio is critical to protecting your PE investment

By Joanne Baginski, EKS&H From Equifax to Facebook, cybersecurity incidents are constantly in the news. This pervasive problem is not reserved, however, for household names. It also hits middle-market companies and their customers hard, often without generating big headlines. This is why assessing cybersecurity risks has become a crucial aspect of the due-diligence process for private equity […]

Justin Johnson, Valuation Research Corp, private equity

Rollover equity for PE deals: issues and solutions

By Justin Johnson, Valuation Research Corp Many private equity platform acquisitions and some add-on deals feature what is referred to as rollover equity. Rollover equity arises when certain equity holders in the target company, including founders and key members of management, roll part of their ownership stakes into the new equity-capital structure put in place by […]

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Carbon Black’s IPO is another unicorn in the making

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Carbon Black, the Cambridge, Massachusetts cybersecurity company, recently filed for its IPO, and it could well be the next unicorn. Carbon Black makes software that collects, stores and analyzes massive amounts of raw cloud data to predict and detect cybersecurity threats. Carbon Black’s IPO comes on the heels of a successful […]

Blockchain Crypto Token Sale ICO Guest Column

The rise of tokens: critical considerations for VC firms

By Jennifer Kristen Lee, Louis Lehot and Mark Radcliffe, DLA Piper The year 2017 saw the rise of a new form of financing for technology startups: the initial coin offering. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that companies raised $6 billion in ICOs last year, and with $1.8 billion going toward ICOs in the first two […]

Brian Rich, Catalyst Investors, venture capital

Before you get disrupted, think like a VC

By Brian Rich, Catalyst Investors I couldn’t help but laugh at the video of the auto-following suitcase, as it flopped around pointlessly trying to follow its master. However humorous this seems, seriously consider the amount of reinvention that has to take place at a luggage producer to possess the skills necessary to effect a viable, world-class […]

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Pivotal IPO could bring about new open source offerings

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Pivotal, the cloud-software company spun out of Dell EMC and VMware, plans to go public this week. At the high end of its price range, Pivotal’s IPO would net $700 million at a $4 billion valuation. It would be the second largest IPO of 2018 behind Dropbox. (We excluded Spotify from […]

Paro, Michael Burdick, human resources, private equity

How the on-demand workforce can shake up the PE ecosystem

By Michael Burdick, Paro Privately owned companies that are bought by private equity firms often experience culture shock. It’s a transformative environment as people with set processes learn new ways to work under the pressure of higher reporting expectations. After an acquisition, it’s natural to seek ways to tighten the balance sheet and make operations more […]


Is Zuora’s IPO another unicorn in the making?

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Zuora is hoping to raise $88.8 million by selling 10 million shares at $10 per share. Given the strength of current IPO market and Zuora’s value proposition, the company may well become the next unicorn. The San Mateo, California-based software developer is perhaps the biggest proponent of the subscription economy, the […]

Glenn Rieger, NewSpring, private equity, cybersecurity

How one investor is navigating the cybersecurity sector

By Glenn Rieger, NewSpring From managing healthcare records and finances to how we do our shopping, innovative technologies have made our lives easier by giving us the freedom to access almost anything at the touch of a button. But this on-demand convenience often comes with increased security risk. With so much of our personal information being […]

Aleksandr Yampolskiy, SecurityScorecard, cybersecurity, private equity

PE firms must scrutinize the cybersecurity posture of potential investments and their third-party vendors

By Aleksandr Yampolskiy, SecurityScorecard Private equity firms often lack the insight and understanding that protect their assets from cyberattacks, thus putting their portfolio companies at risk. As a result, PE firms must address the cybersecurity posture of potential investments and of their third-party vendors. Why focus on cybersecurity posture? Increasing threats from skilled hackers exploiting […]


The Dropbox IPO: A hard thud or soft landing?

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost With an estimated $750 million offering, Dropbox’s IPO might be the largest in 2018 so far. As we have written in our previous analyses, we continue to believe that Dropbox could become a leading cloud storage and enterprise software company. Dropbox is the only unicorn to generate free cash flow. It […]

Sutton Place Strategies, Catherine Daly, Nadim Malik. private equity

Deal-sourcing robots: Applying intelligent automation to M&A

By Catherine Daly and Nadim Malik, Sutton Place Strategies Record capital overhang, increased competition and perpetually high valuations are afflicting this market, and buyers are struggling to deploy capital on worthy investments. But enterprising firms can use current economic conditions as an opportunity to modernize their deal-sourcing strategy and stand out among the competition. Intelligent […]


Ambulatory-surgery centers can help unlock investment value in orthopedic practices

By Patrick Krause, MHT Partners The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ change of policy last summer to pay for total knee- and hip-replacement procedures in outpatient settings has made independent orthopedic practices — and in particular those that own ambulatory-surgery centers — an interesting area for investment. A blueprint for investment in orthopedics has been established […]