Diversity Video VC

Tech diversity needs to extend to institutional investors

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows We may someday look back at the summer of 2017 as a watershed moment in the fight for diversity in the technology industry. First, ride-sharing company Uber released the findings of an internal investigations into 215 accusations of employee sexual harassment, firing 20 people and publicly dedicating itself to creating […]

Spotify SharesPost Column VC

Spotify’s bid to bring music to investors’ ears

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Spotify is one of the global music industry’s only bright spots of the past decade. The question now is will it bring music to the ears of investors. If the company continues on its growth path and executes on its anticipated IPO, this is one possible outcome. But there are no […]

Joanne Baginski, EKS&H, private equity, merger, M&A, management

10 considerations for PE buyers to keep management teams intact

By Joanne Baginski, EKS&H When a private equity buyer acquires a company, a key concern is ensuring that the management team, with all the knowledge and experience, sticks around to grow it.  That factor alone can be the difference between a great investment and a lackluster return. So it is critically important to create incentive […]

Dubai Video Interview Kauffman VC

VC Video Interview: Entrepreneurship in Dubai

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows Entrepreneurship in Dubai is endlessly growing, it seems, like its famous skyline. Some now refer to Dubai as Silicon Oasis, as this global mecca of technology and innovation is brimming with incubators and accelerators, along with venture capital and private equity firms. Dubai is betting big on tech, too, particularly […]

Michael Kauffman, Tech DNA, private equity, venture capital, technology, law

Buyer Beware: Assessing and averting tech risks for PE buyers through due diligence

By Michael Kauffman, Tech DNA The technology risks uncovered by technology due diligence fall into three main risk categories: hidden liabilities, increased downside risks, and decreased upside risks. Hidden Liabilities These risks are often the largest liabilities. They include: Cybersecurity / Privacy Risk: By now most professionals understand the reputational risks of being hacked. A […]

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PE investors back gummy-vitamin revolution

By Patrick J. Crocker, MHT Partners Private equity is in love with all things gummy, investing in a gummy-vitamin revolution that’s sweeping the $41 billion U.S. vitamin/mineral/supplement market. Virtually nonexistent a few years ago, the gummy-supplement market is already valued at more than $1 billion in annual U.S. revenue and is rapidly growing — a […]

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VC Video Interview: Don’t fear the ‘robopocalypse’

By Jeff Harbach, Kauffman Fellows There are some people who fear the future with robots. Elon Musk has started warning that artificial intelligence could be a real threat to humans. Others fear robots will take jobs away from people and we’ll never get them back. It almost sounds like a new frontier in science fiction. […]

Guest Column Ulu Ventures Marriage VC

Why a venture capital marriage is not a unicorn

By Miriam Rivera and Clint Korver, Ulu Ventures Married couples obviously love each other, but ask them if they want to work together and you’ll get an eye roll from a lot of them. It’s tough enough to agree on where to have dinner, let alone where to take your jointly owned business. We have […]

Amazon RFP City Select VC

Why Amazon should select Austin for its second headquarters

By Mike Smerklo, co-founder and managing director, Next Coast Ventures Jeff Bezos has sparked a mini “arms race” where cities across North America are looking to stockpile credibility as to why Amazon should select them as its home away from home. Game on. Austin, Texas has been included in nearly every “Best Cities” list published […]

Guest Column VC

Can Peter Thiel pull a rabbit from his hat with Palantir?

By Rohit Kulkarni, SharesPost Palantir is more than one of the world’s most valuable enterprise software unicorns. It could be one of the largest enterprise IPOs of a generation. Because of its success, the involvement of [Founders Fund investor] Peter Thiel and the nature of its secret work, it has become a fascination and darling […]

Alan Turovlin, TurovlinPartners, private equity, venture capital, cybersecurity, Equifax

Six steps PEs can take to prevent cybersecurity breaches at their companies

By Alan Turovlin, TurovlinPartners Target was hacked in 2013, the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and Equifax in September. What is going on? Are more hacks making the news, or are cyberattackers more skilled and better funded these days? What of cybersecurity?  It is IT’s responsibility, right? That’s what everyone says. So, did IT get […]

N5Capital Will Jiang Horiz

Exploring the growth of venture capital firms in China

By Will Jiang, N5Capital Flying in the face of a global slowdown, Chinese venture capital investments hit an all-time high in 2016, with $31 billion invested in innovative, growing businesses. Beijing venture capitalists invested more than half the total, and this steady increase in investment shows no signs of declining as the years go by, […]

Crystal & Co, Jonathan Gilbert, insurance, financial services, private equity

Smart shopping for representation-and-warranty insurance

By Jonathan Gilbert, Crystal & Co Over the past few years, dealmakers have discovered how much representation-and-warranty insurance policies can streamline negotiations and closing deals. Under these policies, an insurance carrier promises to compensate the buyer of a company if there is an unanticipated breach of seller representations in the purchase agreement: for example, noncompliance […]

Golub Capital, Peter Fair, private equity, venture capital, software, technology

Is the buyout the new exit strategy for venture-backed software?

By Peter Fair, Golub Capital With the exit hurdle moving higher for tech unicorns, it’s harder for venture-backed software companies to access public equity markets. But there’s good news: Private equity has the tech sector in its sights. The multiples just might make founders and their venture backers think twice about the IPO as their […]

Guest Column M&A VC

A trend worth watching: A new wave of startup M&A

By Idan Netser, partner, DLA Piper We are witnessing a new wave of early-stage technology startups joining forces through mergers and acquisitions, many of which have been led by Israeli startups. Venture capital and technology professionals should take note as this represents the influence of the Israeli tech community, and a welcome trend to scale, […]

Chris Fay, Greenwich Strategy, private equity

Bid with an edge, through better commercial due diligence

By Chris Fay, Greenwich Strategy Investors who are doing commercial due diligence the way they’ve always done it are almost certainly missing opportunities to own great companies. Commercial due diligence used to be a confirmatory step at the end of the acquisition process. In today’s tough market it’s got to be front-loaded. It serves not […]