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Achieving the Exit with Drew Sievers and mFoundry

Drew Sievers, who led mFoundry to an acquisition by FIS, discusses creating a culture of partnership, selling to financial institutions, and working with strategic investors with competing interests in Shareholder Representative Services’ latest Q&A.

Achieving the Exit with Sebastiano Tevarotto & Wanova

Shareholder Representative Services’ latest Q&A features Sebastiano Tevarotto.  Tevarotto led Wanova to an acquisition by VMware. A veteran of the global IT, telecommunications and media industries…

Recent M&A Deal? Consider Tax Saving Tips

While much attention has been focused on whether the Bush tax cuts will expire at year-end, one tax change is almost certain – a new 3.8% Medicare tax on net investment income will take effect on January 1, 2013. Our friends with SRS offer some tax-tips in this guest post.

Achieving the Exit with Dr. Hugh Rienhoff & FerroKin

Shareholder Representative Services’ latest Q&A features Dr. Hugh Rienhoff.  Rienhoff led FerroKin to an acquisition by Shire valued at up to $325 million. Trained as a physician, Rienhoff spent eight years working as a scientist and eight years as a venture capitalist focused on biotechnology prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

Achieving the Exit with Amr Salahieh & Shifamed

Shareholder Representative Services’ latest Q&A features Amr Salahieh.  Salahieh is the founder of Shifamed LLC, a Silicon Valley-based medical device incubator founded in 2009. Shifamed recently sold Maya Medical, a medical device company focused on the treatment of hypertension, to Covidien in a deal valued at up to $230 million. Salahieh discusses the incubator model, […]

Achieving the Exit with Troy Wilson & Intellikine

Shareholder Representative Services’ latest Q&A features Troy Wilson.  Wilson led Intellikine to an acquisition by Millennium, a U.S. subsidiary of Takeda, for up to $310 million. As a serial entrepreneur, he looks for opportunities with clear value inflection points that bring discipline to the development process. He discusses his approach to value creation, the difference […]

Achieving the Exit with Anthony Rodio & Redbeacon

Just three months after taking the helm as CEO, Rodio led Redbeacon, an online platform that allows consumers to interact with local businesses and professionals, to an acquisition by The Home Depot.

Achieving the Exit with Steve Papa & Endeca

Shareholder Representative Services’ latest Q&A features Steve Papa.  Papa led Endeca, the Cambridge, Mass.-based provider of unstructured data management, web commerce and business intelligence software, to an acquisition by Oracle in December 2011. He emphasizes the “relentless pursuit of credibility” to best position a startup for hiring, customer acquisition, and ultimately, achieving the exit. Q: What […]

Achieving the Exit with Conrad Clemson & BNI Video

Shareholder Representative Services has contributed the next installment of their Q&A series that highlights successful exits. Conrad Clemson is the former founder and CEO of BNI Video, which was acquired by Cisco; the transcript is below. Q :  What factors led you to found BNI Video? Before BNI, I worked at a company called Broadbus Technologies Inc., […]