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Tax plans would knock some portfolio companies — especially when they’re down

By David M. Toll and Sam Sutton The House and Senate tax-reform bills would likely mean higher tax payouts for a significant number of portfolio companies, and those experiencing down years could find themselves badly squeezed, according to an analysis by Chicago investment bank Lincoln International. Large public companies, by contrast, would mainly benefit. Under […]


PE Hub Podcast, Ep. 6: LPs get shushed, CalPERS rethinks PE

Why are private equity firms telling their LPs to shush? Buyouts Editors Sam Sutton and Chris Witkowsky discuss the odd new trend in Episode 6 of the PE Hub Podcast. Later in the podcast, Sam and Chris dig into a report by Meketa Investment Group, which found that California Public Employees’ Retirement System is struggling to meet its […]


PE HUB Podcast, Ep. 4: Donald Trump, taxes and a curious clawback

PE HUB’s Chris Witkowsky and Sam Sutton are joined by Eamon Murphy to discuss his reporting on the relationship between President Donald Trump and Blackstone Group Co-Founder Stephen Schwarzman. Later, all three discuss tax reform and Chris’s story about an interesting minority stake sale, which was used to pay down a clawback. To listen on SoundCloud, […]


PE Hub Podcast, Ep. 3: Healthcare, preferred equity and JJ Jelincic

Sarah Pringle joins Chris Witkowsky and Sam Sutton to discuss trends she’s covering in healthcare M&A. Then, the PE HUB team discusses Chris’s story about a preferred equity investment in SunTx Capital’s first fund. Concluding the podcast, Sam interviews CalPERS Board Member JJ Jelincic, who has some strong opinions about the direction of CalPERS’s PE program and CIO Ted Eliopoulos.

To listen on SoundCloud, click here. 

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Rebranded Guidepost Growth Equity talks to LPs about third fund

By Eamon Murphy and Chris Witkowsky Guidepost Growth Equity, known through July as North Bridge Growth Equity, is targeting $400 million to $500 million for its third fund, according to sources in the market. Whether the fund is officially in the market, or the team is pre-marketing, is unclear. Guidepost declined comment on fundraising. The firm’s second fund, […]

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Words of Wisdom: Thomas H. Lee keynotes Buyouts conference

By Sarah Pringle, Alastair Goldfisher and Chris Witkowsky Looking back on a life of private equity investing, an executive might be hard-pressed to remember the early days when failure meant losing your house. But for legendary PE investor Thomas H. Lee, those early experiences still felt close at hand. “By the late 1970s, we had started to […]


PE Hub Podcast, Ep. 2: Showdown at LACERS

PE HUB editors Chris Witkowsky and Sam Sutton sit down to discuss the US fundraising environment, capital call subscription lines, a bizarre showdown at LA City Employees’ Retirement System and the sexual harassment stories coming to light in Silicon Valley.


PE Hub Podcast, Ep. 1: Deep dive into CalPERS’ PE program

PE HUB editors Chris Witkowsky and Sam Sutton sit down to talk about the phenomenon of private equity firms selling off minority stakes in their management companies. Then, Chris asks Sam about the CalPERS private equity program, and what the controversy surrounding fees and expenses could mean for the $26 billion investment portfolio. Take a […]

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Breaking through: 10 women smashing PE’s glass ceiling

In 2016, Buyouts put together articles featuring Women in Private Equity with the theme of “Trailblazers,” or up-and-coming women shaking up the predominantly white male PE industry. This year, we’re doing it again but with a slightly different theme. Instead of featuring future stars, we’re focusing on women executives at all levels doing their part to […]

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Private investors eye infrastructure market poised for explosive growth

By Chris Witkowsky and Sam Sutton Earlier this year, Blackstone Group said in an interview with Bloomberg it could foresee spending $40 billion on infrastructure investments if it decided to get back into that business. The announcement came as infrastructure is one of the major pillars of the administration of President Donald Trump. Yet private infrastructure […]

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SEC probes EnCap for potential pay-to-play violation

By Chris Witkowsky and Sam Sutton The SEC is investigating EnCap Investments for a possible violation of federal pay-to-play rules in connection with one or more campaign donations made by at least one employee at the firm, according to a limited partner and two investment advisers. The status of the investigation is unclear, as is whether the […]


Buyouts presents: The hottest funds of 2017

Fundraising has long been about the haves and have-nots, and 2017 will be no exception. Buyouts talked with our extensive limited-partner network about which funds make their blood run hot. Based on that research, we put together a sample of the most in-demand funds coming back to market (or just hitting the market) in 2017. This […]

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What’s Next: Navigating a low-return environment

The overall consensus at the PartnerConnect West event in San Francisco last month seemed to be one of concern: money is flooding into the market at a time of sky-high prices. Returns are being pressured, even as general partners exercise their power to negotiate better terms for themselves. It seems like a precarious situation, and […]

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Ares, Apollo prepare to deploy PE funds in distressed debt

Ares Management and Apollo Global Management expect to deploy their new private equity funds in distressed for control deals, a departure from the traditional buyouts that dominated their pipelines for much of the last half decade. “This feels like one of those markets we see every seven years,” said Ares co-founder Bennett Rosenthal in a […]


Looking ahead: Predictions for 2016

Jeff Horing, co-founder and managing director at Insight Venture Partners, thinks the IPO environment may improve toward the end of 2016 if the markets can recover. “I suspect there are a lot of substantial private companies that could be candidates. I think our world of tech/software PE will remain aggressive and competitive,” he said. *** […]

Meet the LP video: Neha Markle, Morgan Stanley

In this video from the PartnerConnect Midwest 2014 conference in Chicago, Neha Markle, executive director of the Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners PE Fund Group, discusses the firm’s third party fund of funds business, which has more than $35 billion of assets under management, including $12 billion in private equity investments.

Bregal-backed American Seafoods taps Ares Capital for $800 mln recap loan

American Seafoods Group has tapped specialty finance company Ares Capital Corp for an $800 million first- and second-lien credit facility that backs a recapitalization of the Seattle-based fish harvesting company, in a deal that is notable for both its size and syndication strategy focused on alternative lenders, Reuters reported.