B Capital Group beefs up executive team with new appointments

B Capital Group has expanded its core executive team with several appointments. Joining the venture firm are Howard Morgan as chairman, Joe Davis as vice chairman, Allen Duan as operating partner and Rohit Bhagat as a senior adviser.


MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–B Capital Group, a global venture capital firm that invests in pioneering healthcare, fintech, industrial logistics, and consumer enablement companies that are scaling worldwide, today announced key appointments to its core executive team, including Howard Morgan as Chairman and Joe Davis as Vice Chairman.

These appointments by B Capital Group will enable the firm to enhance its global-first mentality, blaze a new trail to identify transformative companies, and build enduring businesses that will bridge the gap between startups and corporations, further accelerating their path to scale and success.

Eduardo Saverin and Raj Ganguly, Co-Founders & Partners of B Capital Group, said, “We are thrilled to have Howard and Joe join our leadership team. For more than 40 years, Howard has demonstrated an impressive track record of building some of the world’s leading technology investment firms. The depth and breadth of his knowledge and expertise coupled with Joe’s industry experience and his unique role as the executive sponsor of B Capital Group within The Boston Consulting Group will enable us to further our goals of becoming a preeminent global technology venture capital firm.”

“The Boston Consulting Group’s strategic partnership with B Capital enables us together to build powerful relationships between innovative start-ups and the world’s leading businesses,” said Rich Lesser, President & CEO of Boston Consulting Group. “We are so pleased to have Howard join the B Capital core team and for Joe to serve as the Vice Chairman and executive sponsor for B Capital within BCG. We are excited about the impact B Capital is having on the global tech ecosystem; we look forward to the continued partnership between BCG and B Capital.”

As Chairman of B Capital Group, Dr. Morgan will oversee the firm’s investment, product strategy, partnership and development efforts, and the scope and breadth of firm operations. Dr. Morgan has highly reputable industry experience, formerly serving as Co-Founder and Partner of First Round Capital, an early stage venture fund based in Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco. He is also Director of Idealab, a creator and operator of internet companies, where he was a founding investor. Prior to joining First Round Capital, Dr. Morgan served as the first President of Renaissance Technologies Corp. in New York, where he supervised venture capital investments in high technology companies. He currently serves as a Trustee of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, a Director and Executive Committee member of Math for America, and as a Director of the Mabel Mercer Foundation. He was also named Delaware Valley Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Howard Morgan said, “As someone who has spent the majority of my career in early stage venture investing, I am excited to be a part of a team with a strong global-first mentality and the power to revolutionize large industries, impacting people’s lives for the better. I look forward to working with Eduardo, Raj, and the entire B Capital team.”

Joe Davis will be serving as Vice Chairman of B Capital Group as part of the partnership between BCG and B Capital Group. He will also continue to serve as Chairman of North America for BCG, where he’ll remain responsible for overseeing the firm’s operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Mr. Davis is a veteran of BCG, having begun his career at the firm in 1988, Mr. Davis co-founded BCG’s Washington, DC office in 1996, and spent a decade working with a broad array of retail and consumer clients, primarily focused on fundamental transformations and organizational effectiveness. He is also a founding member of the Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and has been recognized as one of Consulting Magazine’s Top 25 Consultants for excellence in the public sector. Joe Davis said, “BCG helped launch B Capital in 2016 because of our belief in the enormous potential of building powerful connections between the leading global clients we serve at BCG and entrepreneurs transforming industries through leading-edge technologies. I’m excited to further deepen the partnership between BCG and B Capital by serving as the executive sponsor and Vice Chairman for B Capital.”

In addition to the appointment of Dr. Morgan and Mr. Davis, B Capital Group further strengthened its team with the additions of Allen Duan as Operating Partner and Rohit Bhagat as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Duan will be opening the New York office and will focus on accelerating value creation across the B Capital Group investment portfolio. He is chartered with scaling programs to drive business growth and significant outcomes. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Technology at Hearst Corporation. Mr. Bhagat will be based in San Francisco and will take an active role in the identification, evaluation, and support of B Capital Group’s fintech investments, leveraging his deep background and experience in financial services. Prior to his role at B Capital Group, Mr. Bhagat previously served as Chairman of BlackRock Asia Pacific.

B Capital Group intends to further build on its growth, momentum, and commitment to transforming the technology industry by providing necessary resources to help serve as a launchpad for the world’s most pioneering entrepreneurs to build enduring businesses.

About B Capital Group
B Capital Group is a global venture capital firm that invests in pioneering healthcare, fintech, industrial logistics and consumer enablement companies that are primed to scale across the global stage. Founded in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, B Capital Group delivers unique access to top corporations to match cutting-edge start-ups with the world’s leading CEOs, platforms, and brands. Existing portfolio companies include Bright.md, CXA, Evidation Health, Icertis, INTURN, Lanetix, Ninja Van and SilverCloud Health. For more information, visit http://www.bcapgroup.com/.