Banneker Partners-backed LINQ adds-on Script and Specialized Data Systems

Banneker closed its debut fund on $350 million last month.

Banneker Partners-backed LINQ, a K-12 tech company, acquired digital administration platform Script and Specialized Data Systems, which provides cloud-based financial management services. Banneker closed its debut fund on $350 million last month.

Press Release

LINQ, the premier K-12 technology company in the U.S., announced the acquisition of two organizations that strengthen the company’s rapidly expanding product portfolio. This further accelerates LINQ’s vision of providing purpose-built solutions to ease the operational burden states and school administrators face. From streamlining enrollment processes to gaining greater financial clarity across an entire district, LINQ is Making Schools StrongerTM by starting with the back-office.

Script, a Digital Administration Platform

Script delivers on the industry’s most innovative approach to school workflow automation and digital forms. Script enables administrators and technology directors with solutions to effectively register students, build configurable workflows that drive efficiency, and easily collect parent signatures to standardize processes that save districts time and money.

Daniel D. Grecco II, CEO & Managing Partner for Ark Applications, LLC, explained why the acquisition of Script by LINQ helps create greater innovation in the K-12 industry tech space.

“Script’s mission has always been to continually improve K-12 education through technology by automating processes to empower educators to continue delivering high quality educational services to students,” Grecco said. “The overall future success of the educational technology industry is going to continue to rely on competitiveness, innovation, skills and productivity and truly excited for the next step in Script’s evolution as part of LINQ.”

Specialized Data Systems (SDS), business office solutions

SDS brings over 45 years of experience in providing effective, cloud-based financial management solutions and services to school administrators. From accounts payable and bookkeeping to managing school employees, SDS adds valuable solutions that empower administrators to easily forecast and plan, while meeting state and federal guidelines.

Adam Hooks, President of LINQ, anticipates this acquisition will deliver further innovation that K-12 schools districts need to drive efficiency and productivity, from students to states.

“In today’s rapidly changing K-12 market, districts are using cloud-based ERP solutions for planning, controlling, and delivering data effectively, and the future success of districts relies on innovative technologies that drive greater efficiency,” Hooks said.

The partnerships with Script and SDS give LINQ the invaluable opportunity to offer districts more time to focus on what matters most: ensuring students are nourished, safe, and getting the quality education they deserve.

Harjot Sachdeva, Operating Partner at Banneker Partners, said the recent acquisitions create a unique opportunity for LINQ in the K-12 industry.

“With these acquisitions, LINQ is poised to become the only company with a comprehensive platform for states, districts and families,” Sachdeva said. “Each of these partnerships gives LINQ an opportunity to offer greater efficiencies while furthering its core mission of enabling administrators with innovative solutions across state reporting, financial, nutrition, registration and human capital management.”

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About SDS

SDS has been developing administrative software since 1976, that provides school districts throughout the United States with flexible and comprehensive systems. At SDS, we are continuously moving forward with new technologies and programs that enhance a school’s ability to operate more effectively and to meet their State and Federal requirements. For more information, visit

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