BDC forms Dragon Performance Group

Black Dragon Capital has launched Dragon Performance Group, which will focus on creating technology companies.

Black Dragon Capital has launched Dragon Performance Group, which will focus on creating technology companies. Steve Richards and Frank Capria will lead the Dragon Performance Group.


MIAMI, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Black Dragon Capital, an operationally led private equity firm focused on technology investments that help navigate digital disruption in selected industries, announced the launch of the Dragon Performance Group, a strategic and operational team designed to help create market leading technology companies.

The Dragon Performance Group is comprised of successful operators in selected technology software areas who have a proven track record of creating market leading companies that solve the most important issues in their markets. They assist in the deployment of the Black Dragon Toolkit™, a set of operational guidelines that include the Black Dragon Playbook™, a detailed plan to create successful SaaS businesses, the Black Dragon Leadership Index™, a guide to hire the right leaders at every phase of growth, and the Black Dragon Way™, a methodology to instill a culture of success at all levels. The Dragon Performance Group focuses solely on Black Dragon Capital portfolio companies.

“Who better to help our entrepreneurs than proven leaders who have done it themselves? We know that to execute well, you need more than a great strategy, we roll up our sleeves and help drive improved performance, side by side, with our leaders. The Black Dragon Performance Group is the edge that helps our companies outperform the competition,” said Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder and CEO of Black Dragon Capital.

The Dragon Performance Group will be led by directors Steve Richards and Frank Capria to assist in finance and operations, and product strategy, respectively. They are complemented by an extensive group of operational advisors and work closely with the lead investment partner and company executives to maintain critical focus and alignment.

“I’ve seen the direct benefits of the Black Dragon engagement model and the application of the operational tools. It has been incredibly helpful to have some of the most recognized leaders in my industry available to help at any time. It’s had an important impact by providing meaningful coaching, guidance, and hands on support in critical business processes,” said Hernando Torres, CEO of ASI Group, a Black Dragon Portfolio Company.

Frank Capria, Director of the Dragon Performance Group said, “having executed the Black Dragon Playbook™ with Louis [Hernandez, Jr.] before, I’ve seen how effective it can be in transforming businesses. I’m excited to work with our portfolio companies to build companies we can take pride in.”

“One of the most powerful benefits of the operationally led model deployed by Black Dragon, is you deal with people who are intimate with your business. As a result, you can compare notes and make improved decisions quickly. It has been a great help to growing our business,” said Ron Bergamesca, CEO of Payveris, a Black Dragon Capital portfolio company.

Carving out a dedicated team from the larger firm affords the Dragon Performance Group the ability to deeply engage with our portfolio. “We’ve never been passive investors,” says Hernandez, Jr., “dedicating the firm’s resources to a focused group charged with working with our leaders and improving operations from a set of tools that we have used ourselves in operating businesses, reflects the unique difference of who we are as a firm. It has been a successful formula and I’m excited to expand to the next level with the Dragon Performance Group.”

“As entrepreneurs, the Black Dragon Playbook™ guides us in a way that is instinctive. We start by asking how we would build this company today if we were launching it in our garage. We start with a completely blank slate, but that’s the easy part. The hard part is making it happen – putting the right people in the right roles in the right places. It’s a lot of heavy lifting. And we roll up our sleeves to work side by side with leadership,” says Richards.

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