Best and Worst of Venture

It’s earnings season in venture and private equity land, when the dozen or so pension funds that disclose return data update their quarterly numbers.

Last week, David Toll at our sister magazine Buyouts, dug through the latest report from the Washington State Investment Board, which has one of the oldest and largest private equity portfolios.

This week, I thought I’d attempt a similar effort for venture capital. So, below follow some statistical highlights for the state’s buyout portfolio, as of September 30.

–Total Number of Venture Funds Backed:  61

–Total Dollars Committed to Venture Funds: $3.53 billion

–Total Dollars Drawn Down to Venture Funds: $3.21 billion

–Unfunded Commitments to Venture Funds: $333 million

–Oldest Venture Fund in Portfolio: Investech, LP, vintage 1982

–Best-Performing Venture Funds, by Investment Multiple: Menlo Ventures IV (5.1X) and Warburg Pincus Ventures (5.1X)

–Worst-Performing Venture Fund, by Investment Multiple: KBA Partners II (0X)

–Best-Performing Venture Funds, by Net IRR: Menlo Ventures VII 135.6%

–Worst-Performing Venture Funds, by Net IRR: KBA Partners II (-48%) and Telecom Partners (-40.6%)