Beyond Buys Intent MediaWorks

Beyond Media of Pensacola, Fla. has acquired Intent MediaWorks Inc., an Atlanta-based digital media distribution company. No financial terms were disclosed. Intent MediaWorks has raised over $11 million in VC funding from firms like Allen & Co., SoftBank Capital, Bertelsmann Capital Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Menemsha Capital Partners and IMW Partners.


Beyond Media ( and INTENT MediaWorks ( today announced that they have joined forces by merging to create a new venture that will provide the most advanced and comprehensive solution available for digital media distribution.


The combined entity will provide media and entertainment companies, artists, and advertisers with an integrated marketing, discovery, e-commerce, and business intelligence platform reaching more than 320 million consumers each month.


The new company's integrated distribution platform will initially power over 1.5 million music and video files, having separately enabled content owners to facilitate over 140 million audio and video content downloads in the past six months.


“Beyond Media and INTENT MediaWorks independently have been at the forefront of the complementary aspects of digital media distribution for several years,” said John Kupice, Beyond Media's chief executive officer, who will become CEO of the new company.

“Through this merger, we are combining the best technologies and resources to enable content owners and advertisers to do far more than securely deliver digital media via the Internet. Now they will be able to essentially capture the emerging market of new media marketing, discovery, and business intelligence – eliminating all guesswork from digital media distribution.”


The new company, which will officially debut Monday during the P2P ADVERTISING UPFRONT LA


( at Digital Hollywood Fall (, will specialize in helping both content owners and advertisers utilize real-time user data to more effectively target market segments around digital media consumption, assisting them in tapping into the greatest demand among consumers, monitoring activity across multiple Internet channels simultaneously, and creating deeper engagement opportunities for building brands, driving sales, and creating ad impressions.


With the newly merged entity's offerings, content owners will be able to track market demand across their entire catalog or a specific file – from terrestrial and Internet radio play to Internet search-and-discovery across the most popular file-sharing networks. Content owners can utilize the company's real-time market intelligence to target content to consumers based on location, demographics, content interests and past discovery and purchase behavior in order to improve campaign performance for new content or monetize the long tail of their catalog.


“The merger of Beyond Media and INTENT MediaWorks creates an exciting opportunity for content owners and advertisers,” added Tim Hogan, Founder of Beyond Media. “Our customers will now have the ability to create custom- branded storefronts that support live streaming and traditional downloads, integrated advertising, e-commerce, affiliated content and business intelligence capabilities to create unique customer experiences. For example, content owners can broadcast a live concert to a custom-branded media player, providing the opportunity to buy concert tickets, downloads, and merchandise directly from the player. With our new offering, the content itself IS the new storefront.”


“Content owners and advertisers are often at the mercy of publishers regarding how their content is presented and marketed across various channels,” concluded Andy Cooper, President of INTENT MediaWorks. “To complicate matters, monitoring and tracking the performance of new media across many different digital distribution channels can be difficult and void of any meaningful or actionable information that can be used to create a relationship with the consumer or to improve the reach and revenue opportunities for the content owner. Our newly created platform will enable content owners and advertisers to control the user experience – maintaining consistency across all Internet channels, and creating new ones in the process.”


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