BioMarker Strategies Appoints Exec Chairman

BioMarker Strategies has appointed Jack Davis, a co-founder and former chairman and CEO of Dianon Systems, as executive chairman of the company. BioMarker Strategies is located at the Johns Hopkins Science + Technology Park in Baltimore. The company is backed by the National Cancer Institute.


BioMarker Strategies announced today that Jack Davis, a co-founder and former Chairman and CEO of Dianon Systems, has been named Executive Chairman of the company. In this capacity, he will serve as both Chairman of the Board and as the senior strategic management advisor to the company.

“With more than forty years of experience in the molecular diagnostics, pathology, and clinical laboratory industries, Jack Davis has a track record of success bringing breakthrough technologies and tests to the market for the benefit of cancer patients,” said Acting CEO, Dr. Douglas Clark. “We are thrilled to have someone with his deep industry knowledge and expertise joining our leadership team.”

“The SnapPath(TM) live tumor cell testing system is a break-through technology that will revolutionize the field of molecular pathology,” said Mr. Davis. “Our unique molecular profiles of a patient’s tumor, derived from exposure of a patient’s live tumor biopsy to drug outside the body, will improve targeted drug therapy selection for cancer patients.”

Mr. Davis’ professional career includes serving as a co-founder, President/COO and later CEO, and Chairman of Dianon Systems, Inc., which he helped build from a venture capital-backed start-up to a leading provider of Clinical and Anatomic Pathology-based solutions for clinicians. Dianon was purchased by LabCorp in 2003 for $600 m. Earlier in his career, he was the Division Vice President and General Manager of the $100 m worldwide Diagnostic Products business unit of Abbott Diagnostics. Over the course of his career, he has served on the Board of Directors of over twelve companies, taken two companies public as CEO and sold three other companies as either Chairman or Director.

About BioMarker Strategies

BioMarker Strategies has developed its novel SnapPath(TM) system to generate unique, multi-analyte, molecular profiles of solid tumors to inform selection of targeted therapies, including drug combinations, for cancer patients. In addition to generating traditional DNA-based molecular profiles, the SnapPath(TM) system also generates phenotypic profiles of cancer patients, derived from the activated signal transduction network of their live tumor cells, that are not possible using static biomarkers from dead, fixed tumor tissue. While the company’s first indication will be drug-resistant, advanced melanoma patients, comprehensive SnapPath(TM) profiles will ultimately be generated on patients with other solid tumors, including colon, lung and breast cancers. The company is located at the Johns Hopkins Science + Technology Park in Baltimore. The development of the Research-Use-Only (RUO) SnapPath(TM) system was supported with significant funding from the National Cancer Institute.

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SOURCE: BioMarker Strategies