Blackstone’s James to Host Fundraiser for President Obama

Hamilton “Tony” James, the Blackstone Group’s president and chief operating officer, is a Democrat.

James, in fact, will be hosting a fundraiser for President Obama in mid-May, according to the New York Times. I’m hearing it’s true but it’s unclear where the fundraiser will be held (or if peHUB will be invited; here’s hoping!).

James is one of the few prominent Democratic supporters from the PE world, the NYT says. James political views are in stark contrast to Stephen Schwarzman, Blackstone’s cofounder. Schwarzman is backing Mitt Romney in his presidential bid and hosted his own fundraiser for the Bain founder late last year. (peHUB’s invite was lost in the mail, apparently.)

Schwarzman has never hid his displeasure with President Obama, who has long called for increasing the tax rate on carried interest. During the summer of 2010, Schwarzman compared the Obama administration’s proposed tax changes to Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland.