Block Communications Invests in E. Viddal & Associates

Toledo, Ohio-based media company Block Communications has made a multimillion-dollar investment in E. Viddal & Associates. The company is based in Based in Tampa, Fla and is a creator of a cloud-based publishing system software.


Block Communications Inc., a 110-year-old diversified media company based in Toledo, Ohio, is making a multimillion-dollar investment in E. Viddal & Associates LLC, creator of the Libercus cloud-based publishing system software.

“It’s about saving the newspaper as a franchise. We’re offering a system where you can still lay out and produce a newspaper, retain advertising dollars and eliminate cost.”

Libercus is a state-of-the-art publishing system that improves upon older legacy systems designed for newspaper print editions. Libercus provides seamless delivery of content to print, online, mobile device and e-Delivery channels from a single browser-based content management platform, empowering publishers to build new sources of revenue while cutting overhead expenses.

“This is the missing link in a new business model for the newspaper industry,” says Allan Block, chairman of Block Communications. “We need to reinvent the business.”

The 100% cloud-based Libercus system allows newspapers to lay out pages 75 percent faster and allows publishers to save money by eliminating redundant content management systems, improving workflows and reducing technical support. Libercus opens the door to the next generation of advertising options necessary for publications to thrive following the digital revolution. Unlike older publishing products with many different technologies to integrate, Libercus is a single system for all news channels that is fully browser based and easy to navigate and support.

“Block’s significant investment in the Libercus system will help us further develop and market our software,” said Erlend Viddal, chief executive officer and founder of E. Viddal. “The purpose of Libercus is to make multi-channel news publishing efficient, reach more digital readers and generate new revenue.”

Libercus can be used to produce a dynamic electronic version of the newspaper, a key strategy for publishers seeking to recapture lost advertising revenue from print editions. Unlike websites, electronic versions of newspapers can command higher advertising rates as publishers offer advertisers interactive inserts, coupons, display ads and targeted marketing approaches that provide a superior offering. Electronic newspapers can both complement and add a viable alternative to the traditional print product.

Electronic delivery of the newspaper is a key strategy at Block Communications to preserve the business as more readers access content online or via mobile devices.

“The traditional broadsheet newspaper can certainly survive but it may be delivered differently in the future,” said Block. “We need to reinvent the business and stabilize the print edition even as we grow out new digital revenue streams.”

Adds Viddal: “It’s about saving the newspaper as a franchise. We’re offering a system where you can still lay out and produce a newspaper, retain advertising dollars and eliminate cost.”

About Block Communications
Block Communications has been committed to progressive media for over 110 years. As a privately held diversified media holding company it has primary operations in cable television, newspaper publishing, high-speed Internet and business and residential telecommunications services. The company is based in Toledo, Ohio.

About E. Viddal & Associates
E. Viddal & Associates LLC is moving media companies forward with new solutions for news content management and presentation. Based in Tampa, Fla., its signature product, Libercus ™, brings print and digital workflows together into one cloud-based system for publications. Our software is installed and supported by a team with decades of combined experience in news publishing.