Bradley denies she caused Kainos “compensable harm”

It was Andrew Rosen, Kainos Capital’s managing partner, and not Sarah Bradley, who pushed the consumer-focused private equity firm to begin fundraising efforts “as soon as possible,” according to court documents filed April 15 in Delaware chancery state court. Discussions for Kainos Fund III began in late June and early July 2018, well before Bradley discovered that Kainos executives had allegedly fraudulently deprived her of her 25 percent stake in Kainos Manager, the filing said. Bradley, in her answer to Kainos’ counterclaim, denied that she caused any “compensable harm” to Kaino with her lawsuit and that any “economic or reputational injury” to Kainos was caused by the defendant’s own conduct, the filing said. Bradley, who is still listed on the Kainos site as a partner, claimed in a Jan. 25 lawsuit that Kainos cofounders perpetrated a fraudulent scheme to steal her 25 percent stake in the firm’s investment manager, Kainos Capital.