280 Capital Raising $250 Million for Debut Fund

There’s a new technology-focused PE firm in town. Sunnyvale, to be specific.

280 Capital Partners has launched and it’s looking to raise $250 million for its first fund, according to a source familiar with the situation. The firm is so new that its website is still under construction. Furthermore, it has no filings and no media mentions. In fact, the only info I could glean is that the point of contact is a man named Jeffrey Dunn, who declined comment on the story in an email.

There’s evidence of a Jeffrey Dunn who worked for Vulcan Capital, but he’s no longer listed on the firm’s Web site. According to a cached page, Vulcan’s Jeff Dunn seemed to have an insurance industry focus. Also, he was based in Seattle. So that evidence suggests I might be on the wrong track. (But I suppose I can rule out this Jeffrey Dunn of a thrash/speed metal band called Venom.)

On further intrepid Web research, I’ve found that the 280 Capital Partners team also includes former Warburg Pincus partner Greg Back (thanks LinkedIn) and former Warburg Pincus CEO-in Residence Dave Martin (thanks Computer History Museum).

And until further notice, that’s all I got.