Bravia appoints Brosco to advise Nevada board

Bravia Capital has named Gian F. Brosco as an advisor to the board of directors of its Nevada holding company Bravia Capital Partners NV Inc.

Bravia Capital has named Gian F. Brosco as an advisor to the board of directors of its Nevada holding company Bravia Capital Partners NV Inc. The appointment was effective March 1. Brosco is the president and CEO of Nevada Community Foundation.


NEW YORK, March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The global private equity investment firm Bravia Capital today announced it has engaged Gian F. Brosco, president and CEO of Nevada Community Foundation (NCF), to serve as an adviser to the board of directors of Bravia’s Nevada holding company, Bravia Capital Partners NV Inc., effective March 1.

“We are confident Gian is the right person to help Bravia establish a strong, positive presence in the Nevada business and philanthropic communities,” said Bravia Capital CEO and Founder Bharat Bhise. “Few individuals in the world possess his depth and breadth of experience in those areas, and he his highly respected among leaders of the Nevada community is unrivaled.”

In his advisory role, Brosco’s Nevada-specific mandates will be to help the Bravia board of directors develop an understanding of the philanthropic business, market and trends in Nevada; assist in developing a philanthropic governance framework in line with the state of Nevada’s best practices; provide unbiased insights and feedback relating to philanthropic programs or initiatives Bravia will undertake; encourage and act as a resource for philanthropic endeavors in Nevada; and provide strategic thinking and recommendations in doing philanthropy in Nevada.

Women’s equality and empowerment will be an area of particular focus for Brosco. Bravia Capital and the Bhise family have long been strong supporters of gender equality and upward mobility of women in all business sectors.

“It is my hope that, at the conclusion of my one-year contract, Bravia Capital Partners NV Inc. will be well on a path toward being recognized as a valued member of the Southern Nevada community and a thought leader in the women and girls’ empowerment space,” Brosco said.

A former attorney and banker, Brosco has more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of philanthropy, law, fundraising and banking. He has served as president and CEO of NCF since 2008. During his tenure, the organization has experienced exponential growth during a period of extraordinary economic upheaval, growing from $14.9 million to more than $150 million today. Under Brosco’s leadership, NCF also reached unprecedented influence as a thought leader and catalyst for change in the community.

Prior to joining NCF, Brosco served as vice president for the Philanthropic Management Group at U.S. Trust Bank of America. While at U.S. Trust, where he counseled individuals, families and private foundations on their philanthropic endeavors, and advised institutional clients around governance and nonprofit management issues. He also served as an expert for the bank’s clients on philanthropy and planned giving, leadership and governance, and fiduciary and tax matters. Previously, he spent four years with the Rhode Island Foundation as a development officer and gift-planning advisor.
Throughout his career, Brosco has advised more than 500 public charities, private foundations, individuals and families on all aspects of charitable giving and philanthropy. He is among fewer than 150 BoardSource-Certified Governance Trainers globally.

Brosco will leverage his social capital in Southern Nevada to make introduce Bravia principals and their agents to appropriate, influential parties, facilitate productive conversations, arrange and attend meetings and site visits geared toward raising Bravia Capital’s profile and establishing a positive reputation for the company in the Nevada business and philanthropic communities.

“We are extremely excited about the contributions Gian will make to our company and look forward to working closely with him over the next year,” said Bhise.

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