BRCM appoints Krandel as CIO and capital markets head

Beacon Ridge Capital Management has hired Craig Krandel as chief investment officer and head of capital markets.

Beacon Ridge Capital Management has hired Craig Krandel as chief investment officer and head of capital markets. Prior to joining BRCM, he was a senior managing director of capital markets for Amherst Holdings and Amherst Residential.


BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Beacon Ridge Capital Management (BRCM), a real estate investment management and advisory firm specializing in Single-Family Rental (SFR) investments, today announced the expansion of its team with the hire of Craig Krandel as Chief Investment Officer and Head of Capital Markets. Krandel also joins the BRCM Board of Directors. The expanded BRCM team is focused on acquiring, renovating and leasing a large-scale portfolio of SFR homes in strategic growth markets in the United States.

Single family homes are the most prevalent form of housing in the United States, and nearly 17.5 million units are SFR, which represents more than a third of all U.S. rental housing stock.  SFR investments represent long-term opportunities for those looking to diversify their portfolios.

This year, in the wake of COVID-19, the SFR industry has shown resilience as operators have experienced strong rental demand and record high occupancies. SFR offers investors tangible assets that have been shown to return value despite national economic shifts. Potential returns can be protected by investing in multiple properties across strategic geographic markets, shielding from volatility or fluctuation in any single location.

Krandel brings over 30 years of investment experience to BRCM and has been recognized for pioneering SFR opportunities along with his innovative institutional debt structuring and financing solutions in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. Prior to joining the firm, he was a Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets, for Amherst Holdings and Amherst Residential where he sourced and originated debt strategies for both the SFR and CRE platforms. Previously, Krandel held leadership positions at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse, spanning Fixed Income and Capital Markets sales and trading activities.

Krandel joins D. Robby Napp, BRCM’s Managing Director and Head of Acquisitions, who was hired earlier in the year to develop the investment strategy for BRCM. Napp will set the geographic asset allocation for the Fund and execute on the acquisitions. Together, Krandel and Napp will lead the investment team and seek both on-shore and off-shore qualified investors and family offices interested in stable, long-term, asset-backed income. The BRCM leadership team will work with global advisors to optimize the fundraising and capital deployment.

“Craig’s investment background and expertise make him a natural fit for the BRCM team,” said Mark DeSario, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of BRCM. “He and Robby each offer a broad range of capabilities that add great value to the organization and continues our momentum as we enhance our investment management capabilities.”

One of the few real estate subsectors to see a growth in demand since the start of the pandemic, the SFR sector is still evolving as an institutional asset class. These investments have traditionally been owned by small investors or so-called mom and pop landlords and, more recently, by large private equity and institutional investors. As the barrier for homeownership continues to rise in the midst of an undersupplied housing stock across many of the major US metropolitan areas, BRCM is developing strategic partnerships and outstanding talent to create an offering that extends investment opportunities to qualified investors.

About BRCM
Beacon Ridge Capital Management (BRCM) is a real estate investment management and advisory firm specializing in Single Family Rental (SFR) investments. Founded in 2020, BRCM develops asset-backed investment products designed to produce recurring income with low volatility. BRCM was formed to take advantage of the gap in services and SFR investment products being offered to qualified investors and family offices around the world. The team is comprised of capital market experts, asset acquisition specialists and highly experienced portfolio and asset management professionals with deep industry expertise in the SFR sector. The advisory practice assists small and mid-cap investors looking to institutionalize their borrowing activities. The corporate headquarters is in South Florida, with offices in Boston. BRCM is sponsored by global investors and has a substantial management-owned position.