Brevet Capital buys PanOptis

Brevet Capital has acquired PanOptis, an intellectual property management and finance company. No financial terms were disclosed.


Funds managed by affiliates of Brevet Capital, a leading specialty finance provider with a dedicated focus on the government sector, have acquired intellectual property management and finance company PanOptis, comprised of Optis Wireless Technology, Optis Cellular Technology, and Unwired Planet. Financial terms of the private transaction were not disclosed.

PanOptis was established in 2012 by then Chief Executive Officer Leslie Ware. PanOptis consolidated innovative telecommunications patent portfolios and facilitated access to valuable technology for smartphone manufacturers. In 2016, PanOptis acquired Unwired Planet, creating additional efficiencies and value for its licensees.

“Brevet is extremely excited about this acquisition and we look forward to enabling access to innovative technology for global product manufacturers,” said Doug Monticciolo, Chief Investment Officer of Brevet. “We also look forward to advancing the mobile industry’s contribution to the United Nations Development Programme’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enhancing access and connectivity globally.”

Headquartered in New York, Brevet is a registered investment advisor employing a specialty finance strategy that emphasizes downside protection. Focusing on opportunities related to the government sector, Brevet originates and structures customized financing solutions that facilitate borrower growth initiatives. Since inception, Brevet has advised and structured over $20 billion of transactions. Brevet has a 20-year track record of partnering with U.S. state, federal, and international government agencies to provide unique financing solutions.