Brookstone Partners Launches Advisory Group

Brookstone Partners, a mid-market private equity firm, has launched an independently-operated investment advisory group called Brookstone Partners Asset Management.


Brookstone Partners, a private equity firm specializing in the middle-market, today announced the launch of Brookstone Partners Asset Management, an independently operated investment advisory group dedicated to providing advice designed to limit risk and earn above-market returns for investors in the long term. In conjunction with the launch, Michael Toporek was named Chief Investment Officer of Brookstone Partners Asset Management.

Brookstone Partners Asset Management employs a “sleep at night” approach to investing and asset allocation designed to address concerns about the current challenging investment climate. The strategy seeks to limit downside risk, maintain liquidity and exceed market index returns over the long term.

A Brookstone Partners Asset Management Balanced Portfolio has the following components:
    —  A Cornerstone Fixed Income Program focused on high grade corporate,
        government and municipal bonds;
    —  A Risk Controlled Equity (RiCE) Program – a “sleep at night
        indexing” product that seeks to match an annualized rise of up to
        30% in the S&P 500 while limiting the downside of a drop in the
        S&P 500 to a potential loss targeted at 15%;

    —  An Alternative Asset Program composed of private equity, venture
        capital, mezzanine, real estate, hedge funds and other alternative
        investments representing 5% to 15% of assets.

Every asset allocation program is thoughtfully and highly customized to an individual’s financial profile, individual goals and risk tolerance. To execute its strategy, the firm uses a managed account program for each client.

“At Brookstone Partners Asset Management, we believe that markets are efficient in the long term but that every five years or so we undergo periods of either extreme over-valuation (bubbles), or under-valuation (panics) such as we are experiencing today,” said Mr. Toporek. “Our goal at Brookstone is to limit our investors’ downside potential during these market fluctuations and provide a less volatile path to exceed market returns over time.”

“A simple 50/50 allocation of the Brookstone Risk Controlled Equity program and our Cornerstone Fixed Income program with our ‘sleep at night’ approach can yield half the volatility and higher returns than an S&P 500 and bond portfolio,” added Mr. Toporek. “Additionally, diversification depends on what you own, not how many different things you invest in. Diversification must be done carefully and can be accomplished with three to five asset classes. Simply owning 20 to 30 funds and ETF’s can provide a false sense of diversification.”

About Brookstone Partners Asset Management

Brookstone Partners Asset Management is an investment advisory group dedicated to limiting risk, maintaining liquidity and exceeding market returns for investors in the long term. Portfolios are constructed to control risk and are composed of a Cornerstone Fixed Income Program, a Risk Controlled Equity Program (RiCE) designed to match the S&P 500’s annual returns with limited downside risk, and an Alternative Asset Program composed of private equity, venture capital, mezzanine, real estate, hedge funds and other alternative investments. For more about Brookstone Partners Asset Management, visit