Few Positives Found In Thinning Of Weakest Links List

By Cust Serv — 10 years ago

On the surface, a decrease in the number of companies on the “weakest links” report produced by Standard & Poor’s sounds like progress. Unfortuntately, the ranks were thinned not by companies seeing their finanical situations improve, but by those that succumbed to default. And sponsor-backed companies were no exception. S&P’s “weakest links” list reached an […]


LBO Syndications arranged December and January

By Lawrence Aragon — 13 years ago

Azelis, CABB, Countrywide, Dockwise, General Healthcare Group, Gerflor, Grandi Navi Veloci, Guaber Household, HC Starck, Johnson Matthey, KION, Lil-Lets, Oxo Group, PagesJaunes, Regency Entertainment, Telepizza, Thames Water, TNT Logistics, Tragus, United Biscuits, Unither, VNU Business Media

Refinancings: Dinosol, La Seda de Barcelona, Pfleiderer