Deal of the Year, Small Market, 2014: SunTx Capital Partners

SNAPSHOT Firm: SunTx Capital Partners Target: Huron Inc Hold Period: 7.5 years Return Multiple: 7.8x Lenders: PNC Bank, Smith Whiley & Co, Invest Michigan Mezzanine Fund (Credit Suisse) WHY THE FIRM WON
  • Streamlined Huron’s business processes
  • Added new product lines
  • Refinanced the company

The U.S. auto industry was hit particularly hard by the Great Recession, but that didn’t stop SunTx Capital Partners from scoring a big gain on an auto supplier during a 7.5-year holding period.

Following a dramatic drop in automobile sales in the late 2000s, all of the Big Three U.S. automakers—General Motors Co, Ford Motor Co and Chrysler—were in serious trouble. Most auto part makers were doing no better. However, despite the extremely ...

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