Native Ads raises $4 million to develop advertising platform

Vancouver-based native advertising startup Native Ads Inc has secured $4 million in financing. The investors include Beijing Genuine Network Media Technology Ltd. Native Ads said the proceeds of the deal will help develop its platform technology, Titan, which supports companies in automating, managing, and promoting their sponsored native content campaigns. Native Ads was founded in mid-2014 by President and COO Charlo Barbosa, CEO Jon Malach and Vice President, Finance, Ricardo Lara. Its U.S. office is in New York.

Photo: Charlo Barbosa, co-founder, president and COO of Native Ads Inc.


Native Ads Inc. Announces $4M in Funding to Develop its Premium Native Advertising Platform ‘Titan’

Native Ads’ advertising exchange uses smart integrations that provide global reach via premium publishers, enabling brands’ improved engagements and detailed analytics from native ad placements.

Vancouver, CANADA, April 21, 2016 at 1:30 PM ET- Native advertising startup Native Ads Inc. today announced $4M in funding from a number of investors, including Beijing Genuine Network Media Technology Ltd. The funding is earmarked to further develop Titan, a platform that enables companies to automate, manage, and promote their sponsored native content campaigns.

“Titan allows marketers to focus more on creating content, rather than wasting time optimizing their campaigns’,” said Native Ads’ Founder and President Charlo Barbosa. “The automation and campaign optimization tools is our differentiator and we have experienced some exceptional feedback.”

Titan is a self-serve advertising platform that connects advertisers, agencies and brands to the largest content recommendation and in-stream native ad exchanges, networks and publishers. Partnerships with 12 premium supply-side platforms (SSPs), as well as two premium exchanges. Titan has amassed a of reach of over 700 million unique users within the United States and internationally.

The key to the funding round is to fuel the growth of the number of openRTB and API integrations to drive more traffic into the platform. Focus would also be applied to enhance the algorithm and to update the back end analytics to serve the right ads that deliver the highest ROI.

“The space has been growing and outperforming all other forms of advertising over the past two years. Having researched many companies previously, we knew that the Native Ads’ advertising platform would outperform the competition,” said Edward Xuphey, Senior Director of Beijing Genuine. “We know that Native Ads’ will be a leader based on the early feedback received from their advertisers.”

Native advertising spend in the U.S. was projected to reach $7.9 billion in 2015, and grow to $21 billion in 2018. However, in spite of this rapid growth, this form of advertising makes up just 5 percent of marketing budgets. The Association of National Advertisers reported that the largest barrier to native advertising is that brands are “not familiar enough with it”.

“Over the past two years, I’ve been wondering how we could possibly scale with native advertising with so many rudimentary campaign management tools,” said Jon Malach, CEO of Native Ads. “It’s a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace but we’re focused on pinpoint precision and automation to allow advertisers to buy native advertising at scale.”


Native Ads is one of the world’s leading native advertising platforms, connecting advertisers, brands and agencies with publishers, networks and exchanges via content recommendation and in-feed ad widgets. Native Ads has experienced fast growth since its initial launch. In the company’s first year of launching the ad platform in January 2015, revenue hit $4.7M. Revenue currently exceeds $1M per month with a projected revenue of $18.2M in 2016. The company was founded in June 2014 by COO and President Charlo Barbosa and CEO Jon Malach and is based in New York and Vancouver. Find out more at

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