CAPA secures investment from Infinedi

Infinedi Partners has made an investment in CAPA: The Global Education Network, an international education organization.

Infinedi Partners has made an investment in CAPA: The Global Education Network, an international education organization. No financial terms were disclosed.


NEW YORK & PHOENIX & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infinedi Partners, LP (“Infinedi”), a private equity firm focused on long-term partnerships with founder-owned businesses, announced today the completion of its second investment in the study abroad market and the formation of a cooperative partnership between CAPA: The Global Education Network and CEA Study Abroad. CEA and CAPA work with more than 500 U.S. universities to provide comprehensive educational and internship abroad programs in Europe, Central and South America, Africa and Asia. The two organizations together serve more than 7,000 college and university students annually with twelve international study centers and nearly 40 international university partners.

CAPA partners with more than 200 U.S. universities to provide rigorous educational and internship abroad programs in seven countries and cities, including London, Sydney, Florence, Dublin, Shanghai, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. CEA partners with more than 300 U.S. universities to provide academically-intensive educational and internship programs in 21 cities across 12 countries in Europe, Central and South America and Africa.

Both organizations currently have students in-country for the Spring 2021 term, supported by robust health and safety protocols. With the global rollout of vaccines well under way, application and enrollment volumes have increased materially, which will result in a significant increase in students abroad for the Summer and Fall 2021 terms for both organizations. It is expected that enrollments will return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022.

“The CAPA mission and purpose will remain the same as directed and managed by myself and the CAPA leadership team,” said John Christian, President and CEO of CAPA. “We are confident that our partnership will leverage each other’s strengths, provide new resources to accelerate our rate of innovation and allow us to continue navigating the near-term challenges of the global pandemic.”

“This partnership will allow us to expand our global footprint and our portfolio of programs, which increases student access to study and internship abroad offerings,” said Brian Boubek, Chairman and CEO of CEA. “We plan on leveraging each organization’s portfolio of high-quality academic courses to provide even more programmatic flexibility to our university partners and students.”

Jay Hegenbart, Founder and Managing Partner of Infinedi remarked, “Infinedi has now completed four investments comprising approximately $200 million of equity capital. We believe each situation will serve as a unique case study for our differentiated approach to partnering with founders, growing businesses and to creating value for our investors.”
“We are pleased to support these two amazing organizations as they continue their mission of supporting U.S. university students in becoming global leaders through remarkable education and internship abroad programs,” added Carter Harned, Partner of Infinedi.
Henry Blynn and Jordan Portner from Infinedi also worked to support this partnership.

About Infinedi Partners
Infinedi Partners is a private equity firm focused on long-term partnerships with founder owned businesses and financial entrepreneurs. Based in New York, the firm was founded in March 2018 by Jay Hegenbart. Infinedi provides significant business flexibility by using less financial leverage and encouraging management teams to invest for the long-term.

The firm’s approach is solution-based, working with business owners to create tailor-made private equity investments orientated to maximize effectiveness for all stakeholders. Its investors include a diverse group of prominent institutions and family offices who also represent many of the world’s largest and most prominent private equity investors. Many of these institutions have known the principals for decades and have benefitted from their successful track record of investing. For more information go to

About CEA Study Abroad
Since 1997, CEA has maintained one simple philosophy: to provide high-quality international academic programs and services. CEA recognizes and values greater access to global education by offering high-quality, discipline-based academic programs that integrate the host culture into an active learning pedagogy. CEA students engage in academically rigorous courses and innovative internships, all designed to create global leaders for the 21st century. Our nine study centers and 32 additional partner programs located throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South America, and Africa expand the boundaries of student education and transform the world into the classroom. For more information go to

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CAPA: The Global Education Network is an international education organization (IEO) committed to empowering student learning through personal choice, academic integrity, and engagement in urban environments. Its approach to international study, both in-country and virtually, through its innovative Globally Networked Learning digital classrooms, is unique and provides a holistic learning abroad experience that challenges, excites and inspires students like no other program can. Through its courses and internships, the global city becomes the laboratory in which the student conducts academic research. This collaborative and ultimately personalized approach has made CAPA: The Global Education Network a trusted global leader since 1972. For more information go to