Capas Buys E-Learning Mind

Capas has acquired E-Learning Mind. Financial terms weren’t announced. E-Learning, of San Diego, provides corporate learning solutions to Fortune 100 brands, such as Citigroup and Nestle


San Diego based E-Learning Mind is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Capas Inc, a Detroit based private equity investment firm, with an innovative vision for the future of corporate learning solutions aiming to provide competitive advantage for their clients through innovative design and premium content.
Established in 2008, E-Learning Mind, delivers Corporate Learning solutions to Fortune 100 brands, such as Citigroup and Nestle. E-Learning Mind offers customized e-learning solutions and strategic tools for a myriad of needs including: sales training, systems training, product knowledge, health and safety, as well as customer service and compliance training.

With the acquisition will come new leadership structure, priming the business for maximum innovation and industry advancement.  Assuming the corporate leadership roles of E-Learning Mind are Capas Executives Andrew Fayad, as CEO and Managing Partner and Simon Casuto, as President and Managing Partner.

“We welcome the Capas leadership as they showed that they had a clear vision for the future of corporate learning,” says new Director of E-Learning and former E-Learning Mind CEO Jack Mahklouf.

Prior to E-Learning Mind, Capas Inc.’s Andrew Fayad and Simon Casuto were colleagues at S&P Capital IQ.  Fayad also led the Corporate Member Development effort at Axial Inc., an online network for private market transactions founded in New York City. Axial works with investors and companies to connect them through capital. It was through Axial that Capas discovered E-Learning Mind and realized they were primed for investment and accelerated growth, with technological innovations.

“Corporate Learning represents a $56.2 Billion global industry.  E-Learning Mind is a prime player with strong talent, top tier clients, and a scientific approach to technology powered learning,” says newly appointed CEO Andrew Fayad.

Fayad and Casuto are looking to the future of corporate learning, through advanced technology, premium content, design and an experience that accelerates learning.

“While corporate learning has grown as an industry, the solutions developed have not kept up with the growth of consumer technology and modern multimedia content, “ notes Fayad.

To handle this challenge, Casuto will be working to head up a complete product and brand overhaul.

“We believe this an industry in need of innovation and we will be bringing to bear the benefits of a private equity investment, through the mechanics of this acquisition deal,” Casuto adds.

Founded in 2012, Capas, Inc. provides strategic investment solutions to exceptional companies within the elearning industry. The company is led by a diverse group of industry leaders from the financial, educational, medical, and entrepreneurial fields.