Carlyle Group Promotes 33

The Carlyle Group has promoted 33 professionals, including the following seven to managing director: Anand Balasubrahmanyan (Asia buyout), Pam Bentley (Accounting), Oussama Daher (European real estate), Shary Moalemzadeh (global distressed and corporate opportunities), Chris Ullman (communications), Stephen Wise (U.S. buyouts) and Alex Ying (Asia buyouts).


Global private equity firm The Carlyle Group announced today that it has promoted 33 professionals to senior positions: seven to Managing Director and 26 to Principal/Director. (Principals and Directors are the same level in Carlyle parlance; Principal is the title used in North America and Director is the title used in Europe and Asia.) The individuals work in Carlyle’s offices around the globe conducting buyout, venture and growth capital, real estate and leveraged finance transactions, as well as accounting, communication, human resources, and legal & compliance activities.

New Managing Directors:

Anand Balasubrahmanyan – Asia Buyout; Singapore

Pam Bentley – Accounting (Corporate); Washington, DC

Oussama Daher – Europe Real Estate; London

Shary Moalemzadeh – Global Distressed and Corporate Opportunities; New York

Chris Ullman – Communications; Washington, DC

Stephen Wise – U.S. Buyout; New York

Alex Ying – Asia Buyout; Hong Kong

New Principals/Directors:

Wayne Bannon – Legal and Compliance; Hong Kong

Aaron Benway – U.S. Growth Partners; Washington, DC

Brian Canann – U.S. Growth Partners; Washington, DC

Alice Chan – Human Resources; Hong Kong

Catherine Chang – Asia Real Estate; Hong Kong

Veronique Cochais-Widmer – Europe Buyout; Paris

Javier De Pablo – Europe Real Estate; Madrid

Manoj Dengla – Asia Buyout; Mumbai

Russell Farscht – U.S. Buyout; New York

Alan Goldfarb – Global Distressed and Corporate Opportunities; New York

Michael Hadley – Global Leveraged Finance; New York

Jason Hart – U.S. Real Estate; New York

Karthic Jayaraman – U.S. Buyout; New York

Susan Kasser – Global Leveraged Finance (Mezzanine); New York

Dorothy Lee – Communications; Hong Kong

Tom Levy – U.S. Real Estate; Washington, DC

Matthew LoRusso – Accounting (Fund Management); Washington, DC

Stuart MacKenzie – Global Leveraged Finance; London

Mario Pardo – Europe Buyout; Barcelona

Andrea Pekala – Accounting (Fund Management); Washington, DC

Olivier Petreschi – Europe Real Estate; Paris

Louis Reynolds – Global Leveraged Finance; London

Agnes Riban – Europe Real Estate; Paris

Michael Schuster – Europe Buyout; Munich

Alex Stirling – Europe Buyout; London

Martin Sumner – U.S. Buyout; Washington, DC