Carrick Capital hires new operating executive

Carrick Capital Partners has appointed Paul Zolfaghari as an operating executive. Zolfaghari is the former president of MicroStrategy.


San Francisco and Newport Beach, CA – January 11, 2017 – Carrick Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on technology-enabled businesses including SaaS, Software, BPO and Transaction Processing, today announced that Paul Zolfaghari, formerly President of MicroStrategy, will be joining the firm as an Operating Executive.

“Paul’s experience in enterprise software and services will give our portfolio companies a tremendous advantage,” said Marc McMorris, co-founder and managing director of Carrick Capital Partners. “Developing superior go-to-market and operational strategies is critical to the success of any business. Paul has already rolled up his sleeves and gotten involved with many of our companies to help them think critically and fine-tune this component of their operations,”

McMorris explained. “Our team is very excited to have Paul on board and we are confident the depth of his knowledge and expertise will be transformational for many of our portfolio companies,” added Carrick Capital Partners Co-Founder and Managing Director Jim Madden.

As Operating Executive at Carrick, Paul leverages his extensive domain and operational experience in the enterprise software industry to help Carrick’s portfolio companies maximize their respective market opportunities. Working with the executives, Paul applies Carrick’s Approach to Building Value (ABV) as he guides and supports them through developing key strategic plans, implementing processes and programs to deliver on their goals, and adjusting operations as necessary for maximum value creation.

Most recently, Paul was President of MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR), where he also held a series of senior positions earlier in his career, including as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Operations, accountable for all lines of the company’s nearly $500 million in revenue. During his career, he also served as Chief Operating Officer of ParAccel, an analytic database company located in Silicon Valley; and was an attorney in Washington, DC with the law firm of Howrey & Simon, and the Intellectual Property Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.

“I’ve been impressed with Carrick’s commitment to their portfolio companies. I was looking for an opportunity with an investing group where I could make a significant, tangible impact,” said Paul Zolfaghari. “The companies at Carrick are at a critical stage where my experience creating and executing go-to-market and operational strategies will make a real difference in their ability to scale and succeed,” said Zolfaghari. He added, “I’ve been where they are and I’m eager to help them through the evolution and challenges they will face.”

About Carrick Capital Partners
Headquartered in San Francisco and Newport Beach, Carrick Capital Partners is a growth-oriented investment firm that utilizes ABV (Approach to Building Value) to operationally scale fast-growing, technology-enabled businesses. Carrick adds value by taking a concentrated approach and dedicating significant resources post-investment. Leveraging decades of experience, Carrick helps scale great companies that deliver excellent returns for investors, stimulating economic growth and positively impacting the industry landscape. Working directly with CEOs and entrepreneurs, Carrick fulfills a vital need for investment capital and growth expertise.
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