Chama Technologaes Secures Funding from Lambert Private Equity

Chama Technologaes has signed a special private placement agreement for USD $50,000,000 of equity line funding with Lambert Private Equity. Chama will use the funds to extract methane from Coal Basin Methane wells both pre-drilled and development properties. Chama also drills and develops onshore and offshore oil properties.


CHAMA TECHNOLOGAES INC. (CHAMA) announced today that it has signed a Special Private Placement Agreement (SPPA) for USD $50,000,000 of equity line funding with Lambert Private Equity LLC (LAMBERT). The terms give CHAMA the right to increase the amount of the equity line funding up to $200,000,000, at CHAMA’s discretion.

CHAMA’s plan in the use of these funds is for the utilization of our device, “The Down Hole Gazmo,” in extracting methane from Coal Basin Methane wells both pre-drilled and development properties. CHAMA also drills and develops oil properties — both onshore and offshore.

The funding structure is a 3 year facility. Lambert funds public companies with market capitalizations under $1 billion, as well as private companies that will be listed on a securities exchange within one year of a funding commitment. The fund will invest in all sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, mining, communications, healthcare, energy and finance.

CHAMA’s President and CEO, Anthony Saviano:

“This funding agreement with LAMBERT will be instrumental in the expansion of our projects. CHAMA is excited to partner with Lambert Private Equity as we move forward with our acquisition and development of natural gas and oil projects. This funding enables us to follow a clear path in our plan in the reworking of gas wells in the Powder River Basin and development of oil and gas wells elsewhere.”

CHAMA is a Natural Gas and Oil exploration and development company with a device that utilizes the water in CBM wells for the extraction of Natural Gas. We have wells and property commitments in Wyoming in the area called the Powder River Basin. We also are negotiating offshore interests in the South China Sea as well as oil interests in Central America. For further information about CHAMA, please go to and

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Lambert Private Equity LLC invests though its unique equity and equity-linked structures in publicly traded companies around the globe.

Lambert Private Equity LLC generally looks to invest amounts from $10 million up to $500 million directly into listed companies for a variety of activities including working capital, accretive EBITDA acquisitions and other growth opportunities.

We focus on equity investments in public companies as well as private companies that will be listed on a securities exchange within six months of a funding commitment.

Lambert Private Equity LLC has no outside investors and is considered a private group run by its principals, similar to a merchant bank that invests its own capital and as such it is seeking capital appreciation through the identification and funding of growth companies.

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