Channel Mark Ventures Launches New Fund

Channel Mark Ventures, has launched a new fund, ChannelUp Fund, which is designed to expand their technology venture capital investments. According to the company, The ChannelUp Fund will make a minimum investment of $500,000 start-up capital into each investment. Channel Mark Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on information technology start-ups and individual entrepreneurs.


New York (PRWEB) June 05, 2013
Channel Mark Ventures, a privately owned technology investment company, announced today the formation of the ChannelUp Fund, a new private placement investment fund designed to accelerate and expand their technology venture capital investments.
The ChannelUp Fund will place a minimum investment of $500,000 of start-up capital into each new investment that Channel Mark Ventures makes. Start-up capital is often the most difficult type of funding to acquire. ChannelUp funding will allow for Channel Mark Ventures to add to their expanding portfolio of private placement technology investments, while also significantly shortening the average time of bringing a technology product or service to market.
Danny O’Shea, CEO and founder of Channel Mark Ventures, spoke about the importance of their continued investment strategy in funding start-up technology ideas, as well as individual entrepreneurs. “We all know how quickly consumer and business technology applications and devices are changing. Obviously we’re in a speed and executuion game here as technology investors. We have to focus on the search, identification, and seizure of unique technology opportunities. We’re very confident that Channel Mark Ventures is well positioned to deploy both our business capital and our technology expertise to nail our investment targets quickly and efficiently. The bottom-line is that we know what we want, and more importantly, we are prepared to go after it.” Channel Mark Ventures has clearly demonstrated that sort of business intiative as an early investor in SILVIA, the core artificial intelligence platform developed by Cognitive Code Corporation. O’Shea explained their approach related to that particular investment, “we’re really good at recognizing disruptive technologies before others do. We have an innate ability to frame out the intangibles and project where we believe the connecting points of a particular technology will hit. Ultimately it comes down to technology assessment and projecting application potential to scale. When we saw SILVIA in action we absolutely knew what we had in front of us…it was clearly a technology game changer.” The technology has been adopted by Northrop Grumman and is now being applied across numerous business and commercial verticals.
With the ChannelUp Fund in place, Channel Mark Ventures plans on adding four to six private placement investments per year. Channel Mark Ventures estimates that by 2014 their current private placed investments will be connected to more than two billion dollars in associated business revenues. The company has been quietly investing in cutting-edge, world-class technologies ranging from artificial intelligence, to mobile applications and gaming devices.
About Channel Mark Ventures
Channel Mark Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in information technology start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. With a business footprint that covers Southern California, Silicon Valley, New York and the New Jersey area, Channel Mark Ventures offers an extraordinary team with diverse and complementary backgrounds. The company targets both individual entrepreneurs and small capped companies that have the potential to deliver disruptive technologies to market in a timely, capital-efficient manner.