China has surpassed the U.S. in online retail sales

The successful IPOs of Chinese ecommerce companies VIPSHOP (ticker VIPS), Jumei International (ticker JMEI), Jingdong (ticker JD) and the much-anticipated one of Alibaba in the near future, have one thing in common, ecommerce.

Stock Performance of VIPS

Stock Performance of JMEI

Stock Performance of JD

These companies have benefited from Chinese consumers’ embrace of online shopping, which has been a result of fast-growing disposable income per capita in China.

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Coco Kee is Managing Partner of Kee Global Advisors LLC (KGA), a corporate development advisory firm based in New York. KGA advises companies on cross-border expansion between China and the U.S., specializing in market entry and customer acquisition, growth capital raising and M&A.