Christmas Comes Early

In a couple of months, I’ll be inundated with electronic holiday cards from investment firms, law firms and just about every other type of firm that has reason to put me on their mailing lists. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re touching. Sometimes they’re utterly ignorable. But never has one come this early.

At 1:05 this afternoon, I received a “special Christmas greeting… from your friends at Center for Venture Education.” It led to a website playing sappy music over the sight of a lake house bathed in snow. Normally it would be in the utterly ignorable category, if not for the timing.

I’ll assume this was the work of some Web developer who’s currently freaking out that he hit “send” (particularly given the lack of “the” before “Center for Venture Education”). Kind of like this post is the result of someone looking for things to write about while the whole world seems to be on vacation…