CIT Debt Extends to Mega-Buyouts – Full List of Sponsor Facilities

As requested, we have posted the full list of 133 LBO-backed companies with CIT in the capital structure below. For reference, yesterday we posted a list of 30-some LBO-backed companies which used CIT as a lead arranger over the last three years. The full list is for the same time period.

The difference in size between the types of companies on the lists is striking: yesterday’s list of CIT-led transactions is clearly populated with middle market to lower middle market companies sponsored by likes of Thoma Cressey and Wind Point Partners. But this list shows that CIT’s reach goes all the way to the mega-buyouts.

Companies like Michaels Stores, backed by Blackstone and Bain Capital, Dollar General and HCA, backed by KKR, and Dunkin Brands, backed by Bain Capital and THL Partners, fall squarely into the mega-buyout category. Still, the majority of the companies are middle market.

Incidentally, CIT shares are trading up this morning as the firm scrambles to “secure lifelines” from private sector investors. One rumors that’s been circulating is that that JPMorgan may buy its “factoring” unit, which provides financing to the fashion world.

Update: Scribd is misbehaving, so I’ll post the list there as soon as I work that out. For now, view the list directly:

LBO-Backed Companies CIT Has Lent To (Any Part of Capital Structure)    
Company NameDateDeal Amount (m)Deal Amount (US$m)Purpose
AHM Holdings 1 Inc2-Feb-07US$ 4141LBO
AccentHealth LLC4-Sep-08US$ 5656LBO
Accutest Corp25-May-07US$ 5050LBO
Ace Cash Express Inc5-Oct-06US$ 430430LBO
Activant Solutions Inc2-May-06US$ 430430LBO
Advanced Homecare Management3-Aug-07US$ 161161LBO
Advanced Homecare Management25-Oct-06US$ 88LBO
Advantage Sales & Marketing28-Mar-06US$ 585585LBO
Alere Medical Inc31-Mar-07US$ 8080LBO
Ambulatory Services of America Inc12-Dec-07US$ 124124LBO
Anchor Drilling Fluids USA Inc16-Apr-08US$ 120120LBO
Anchor Hocking1-Jun-07US$ 6969LBO
Au Bon Pain5-Mar-08US$ 108108LBO
Audio Visual Services Corp28-Feb-07US$ 315315LBO
Blue Water Automotive Systems17-May-06US$ 6868Acquis. line
BondDesk16-Aug-06US$ 8686LBO
Booz-Allen & Hamilton1-Jul-08US$ 810810LBO
Bosque Power Co20-Dec-07US$ 413413LBO
Brickman Group23-Jan-07US$ 425425LBO
Business Records Management LLC22-Feb-08US$ 2828LBO
CCC Information Services Inc10-Feb-06US$ 300300LBO
CRC Health Corp6-Feb-06US$ 640640LBO
Cajun Operating Co29-Jun-09US$ 155155LBO
Catapult Learning LLC20-Mar-08US$ 4747LBO
Centra Industries Inc31-Oct-07US$ 7272LBO
Citadel Plastics LLC8-Mar-07US$ 4343LBO
CoTo Acquisition LLC10-Jan-08US$ 3535LBO
Community Hospice (CHA)29-Jan-07US$ 6363LBO
Concorde Career Colleges30-Aug-06US$ 6565LBO
Consolidated Precision Products17-Apr-08US$ 157157LBO
Contec28-Jul-08US$ 205205LBO
Contec11-Jul-06US$ 145145LBO
DAE Aviation1-Oct-07US$ 937937LBO
David’s Bridal Inc31-Jan-07US$ 450450LBO
Delta Rigging & Tools Inc4-Aug-08US$ 5050LBO
Dollar General6-Jul-07US$ 5,5255,525LBO
Dunkin Brands20-Feb-06US$ 1,8001,800LBO
Ellman International Inc8-Feb-08US$ 2020LBO
Entertainment Cruises Inc22-Aug-06US$ 6161LBO
Fenwal Inc28-Feb-07US$ 475475LBO
FiberMark Inc8-Feb-08US$ 168168LBO
General Electric Commercial Aviation Training [GECAT]5-Jun-07US$ 254254LBO
HC Cable OPCO LLC21-Apr-08US$ 5050LBO
HCA Inc16-Feb-07US$ 12,86412,864LBO
HMT Inc21-Jun-07US$ 137137LBO
Hargray Communications Group Inc18-Jun-07US$ 325325LBO
Harris Connect15-Sep-08US$ 2626LBO
Haven Hospitals1-Dec-06US$ 77LBO
Hawkeye Renewables LLC30-Jun-06US$ 600600LBO
Hearthside Food Solutions9-Apr-09US$ 115115LBO
Hudson Group29-Mar-08US$ 295295LBO
Hudson Products Corp25-Aug-08US$ 375375LBO
IPS Corp13-Jul-06US$ 102102LBO
ITN25-Sep-06US$ 9090LBO
Identity Group7-Dec-07US$ 4242LBO
InfrastruX Group Inc19-Apr-06US$ 275275LBO
Inmar Inc30-Apr-07US$ 175175LBO
Interim Health Services19-May-06US$ 6262LBO
JHP Pharmaceuticals LLC28-Sep-07US$ 5757LBO
Jacuzzi Brands [Ex- US Industries Inc]7-Feb-07US$ 1,1551,155LBO
Jones Stephens7-Sep-06US$ 5656LBO
K2 Advisors LLC30-Apr-07US$ 129129LBO
Knape & Vogt28-Jul-06US$ 9797LBO
Lewis Goetz & Co Inc6-Jun-07US$ 9898LBO
Liberty Dialysis18-Jan-06US$ 3030LBO
Liberty Tire Services of Ohio LLC5-Nov-08US$ 110110LBO
Lord & Taylor2-Oct-06US$ 350350LBO
MECS Inc31-Jan-08US$ 190190LBO
Maritime Telecommunications Network5-May-06US$ 110110LBO
MedPlast Inc18-Apr-08US$ 3939LBO
Medtech Products Inc15-Jul-08US$ 3838LBO
Metals USA17-May-07US$ 450450LBO
Michael’s Finer Meats LLC25-Feb-08US$ 3535LBO
Michaels Stores Inc31-Oct-06US$ 2,4002,400LBO
Michaels Stores Inc31-Oct-06US$ 2,4002,400LBO
Mobile Storage Group1-Aug-06US$ 300300LBO
Modern Luxury Publishing22-Jun-07US$ 125125LBO
NCO Group Inc15-Nov-06US$ 1,0691,069LBO
National Envelope4-Apr-06US$ 220220LBO
National MENTOR29-Jun-06US$ 480480LBO
National Renal Institutes7-Apr-06US$ 300300LBO
Neff Corp31-May-07US$ 290290LBO
Neff Corp31-May-07US$ 350350LBO
New Acton Mobile Industries Inc2-Feb-07US$ 9090LBO
New Century Transportation14-Aug-06US$ 120120LBO
New World Gaming1-Jul-07US$ 1,0651,065LBO
Nutrition Physiology Corp31-Jul-08US$ 3131LBO
Nuveen Investments Inc13-Nov-07US$ 2,9152,915LBO
Obcorp LLC30-Jan-09US$ 3636LBO
PRACS Institute Ltd14-Mar-07US$ 189189LBO
Permian Tank & Manufacturing6-Dec-07US$ 7777LBO
Philosophy Inc7-Mar-07US$ 310310LBO
Primrose School Franchising Co31-Mar-06US$ 3131LBO
Primus International7-Jun-06US$ 190190LBO
RGIS Holdings26-Apr-07US$ 900900LBO
RanPak Inc29-Feb-08US$ 430430LBO
Randall-Reilly Publishing Co LLC29-Feb-08US$ 9494LBO
Renfro Corp5-Oct-06US$ 205205LBO
RollEase31-Jul-07US$ 4141LBO
Ryt-Way Industries11-Aug-08US$ 7070LBO
SJI LLC6-Dec-07US$ 8383LBO
Seaboard International Inc18-Apr-07US$ 5555LBO
Sequa Corp3-Dec-07US$ 2,0502,050LBO
Seven Media Pty Ltd28-Dec-06A$ 3,0502,409LBO
Sheplers Inc30-Jul-07US$ 3535LBO
Sleep Innovations30-Mar-07US$ 320320LBO
SourceCorp Inc8-Jun-06US$ 400400LBO
Southern California Pizza Co LLC18-Aug-08US$ 2929LBO
Sports Authority Inc13-Apr-06US$ 1,0251,025LBO
Sprint Industrial Holdings LLC31-Oct-07US$ 128128LBO
Stampede Meats22-Mar-07US$ 9090LBO
Star Tribune1-Mar-07US$ 486486LBO
Sterling Foods LLC31-Dec-08US$ 4242LBO
Sun Products Corp [ex-Huish Detergents Inc]26-Apr-07US$ 1,1501,150LBO
Surgical Care Affiliates29-Jun-07US$ 490490LBO
Surveymonkey.com21-Apr-09US$ 3939LBO
TMW Systems Inc12-Sep-07US$ 4343LBO
TRANZACT31-Oct-07US$ 8080LBO
Taylor Wharton International LLC7-Dec-07US$ 163163LBO
Team Health Inc16-Mar-07US$ 425425LBO
Thomas Nelson Inc12-Jun-06US$ 235235LBO
Transilwrap Co4-Sep-07US$ 9595LBO
TravelCLICK Holdings Inc20-Dec-07US$ 105105LBO
Tri-Star Electronics International Inc2-Feb-07US$ 123123LBO
Tribune Co17-May-07US$ 10,13310,133LBO
Tube City IMS Corp [ex-International Mill Service]17-Jan-07US$ 350350LBO
UP Acquisition Sub Inc8-Feb-08US$ 225225LBO
US HealthWorks Holding Co20-Dec-06US$ 135135LBO
Unifrax Corp28-Apr-06US$ 230230LBO
United Central Industrial Supply Co28-Apr-06US$ 142142LBO
Vistar Corp [Ex- Multifoods Distribution Group]20-Jul-07US$ 450450LBO
Webex Inc10-Aug-07US$ 4040LBO
Wesco Aircraft Hardware Corp25-Sep-06US$ 775775LBO
Yankee Candle Co6-Feb-07US$ 775775LBO
Source: Thomson Reuters and   

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