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ClearCube Spins Out Software Biz

ClearCube, an Austin, Texas-based provider of centralized computing and virtual desktop solutions, said that it will spin off its software business into a new company called VDIWorks.

ClearCube raised a $5 million recap round from existing shareholder Paladin Capital Group earlier this year. It had previously raised  over $92 million from Paladin, Austin Ventures, TVM Capital, Focus Ventures, iD Ventures America, Sternhill Partners, Seed Capital Partners, Allianz Private Equity Partners, Agave Capital and SAIC Venture Capital Corp.


ClearCube today announced that its software business is being spun-off and launched as an independent new company called VDIworks. Built on five generations of proven success within enterprise production environments, VDIworks delivers one of the most comprehensive, flexible software management platforms for creating, deploying and managing virtual desktop infrastructure. ClearCube, on the other hand, will continue to provide its complete solutions for centralized desktop computing, including end-to-end desktop virtualization. As independent companies, both ClearCube and VDIworks will maximize their business potential and gain the flexibility to meet the rapidly growing demands of their respective target markets.

VDIworks and ClearCube have signed an OEM agreement whereby ClearCube will continue to market and promote the VDIworks software under the current Sentral