Cloud9 IDE Raises $5.5M Series A From Accel, Atlassian

Cloud9 IDE said Tuesday it raised $5.5 million in a Series A funding from Accel Partners and Atlassian Software. Here is a blog post from the online platform for Javascript developers.


Cloud( IDE Gets $5.5 Million Funding From Accel And Atlassian

Today we are happily announcing that we have raised $5.5 million in a series A funding from Accel Partners and Atlassian Software!

This means that we can continue to push Cloud9 IDE forward and work on all those awesome features you have been asking for. Language analysis and auto-complete, google docs-style multi user collaboration and support for a host of other programming languages are in the pipeline. This also means we are hiring! So if developer tooling is your life, and you want to change the way we will develop software in the future, contact us!

We are very happy with the involvement of Accel and Atlassian. Accel has a huge amount of experience scaling up companies and their involvement with companies like Etsy, Groupon, Facebook and Knewton opens up access to a lot of knowledge for our team. Ping Li, Partner of Accel Partners says the following about our partnership:

“As a pioneer, Cloud9 IDE has already established a leading software development platform in the Cloud and mobile software market, where apps need to be created at high velocity, with highest quality to meet consumer expectations. We were delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Cloud9 IDE to deliver their vision.”

And with Atlassian backing us we have the worlds best development process company to assist us on both process and the business side of things. They are a leading developer of collaboration tools (e.g. jira, confluence) and they fully understand our vision. Atlassian is as enthusiastic about the partnership as we are. Scott Farquhar, Atlassian CEO and co-founder says the following:

“We’re incredibly excited to be an investor in Cloud9. Development in the cloud is a trend that is growing quickly, and Cloud9 is in a unique position to provide web application developers with one-stop cloud development for web and mobile applications.”

We will open headquarters in San Francisco and some of our Dutch crew will move overseas. This means we will have offices in two of the most awesome cities on the planet, making Cloud9 IDE an even more fun company and allowing us to create and explore new ways you can develop software on the web and in the cloud.