Conduit Snaps Up App Platform Wibiya

Wibiya, the web publishing solution and app platform, has been sold to Conduit. Terms of the deal were not publicized and advisors were not named. Wibiya CEO Dror Ceder will remain with the company after its sale.


Conduit® (, the largest global network of browser and mobile app publishers with over 260,000 members and their 230 million users, today announced the acquisition of leading web publishing solution and app platform, Wibiya (

Founded in 2005, Conduit’s mission is to provide web publishers with solutions to realize their business goals, collaborate through business partnerships and effectively engage their users anytime, anywhere. The company initially focused on web browsers, and earlier this year launched its mobile platform, enabling content publishers to easily create cross-device native mobile apps. The acquisition of Wibiya further extends Conduit’s offering, thus providing a unique, comprehensive solution for engaging users when on the publisher’s website, when browsing other websites, and on their mobile phones.

“The connection between Conduit and Wibiya reveals a natural synergy. Both companies have built successful platforms on which hundreds of thousands of brands, website owners and developers large and small have built businesses,” said Ronen Shilo, Founder and CEO of Conduit. “We look forward to amplifying Wibiya’s already impressive reach by pairing it with the power of the Conduit Network.”

Wibiya, founded in 2008, provides fully customizable, easy-to-use web applications for more than 120,000 publishers, such as,,, and a collective audience of 200 million users.

“We have been approached for acquisition by several global enterprises, but it was never the right fit,” said Wibiya Co-Founder and CEO Dror Ceder. “The opportunity to integrate Wibiya’s solutions into Conduit’s massive network was the one that we could not ignore. We’re eager to introduce our product to an even broader audience and leverage Conduit’s Network, App Marketplace, and engagement and monetization opportunities.”

About Conduit
Conduit is the largest global network of web and mobile app publishers with over 260,000 members and their 230 million users. The Conduit Network empowers publishers—from independent developers to global brands—to create, exchange, and distribute apps, and to collaborate through business partnerships.

Conduit enables publishers to seamlessly encapsulate content and deploy it everywhere from browsers and web sites to all major mobile devices. Publishers can distribute and exchange their apps directly, or through the Conduit App Marketplace. Conduit-powered apps enhance engagement, retention and monetization beyond the boundaries of the publisher’s website.

With Conduit, global brands including Major League Baseball, Time Warner Cable, Univision, Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, iVillage, Groupon, and TechCrunch are marketing themselves online—along with hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized organizations in more than 120 countries around the world. Join the Conduit Network at

About Wibiya
Founded in 2008, Wibiya is the leading web application solutions provider, offering a one-stop platform that allows web publishers to easily integrate, manage and track third party applications on their websites. The company provides fully customizable, easy-to-use web apps to more than 120,000 websites, such as, and, that reach an audience of more than 200 million users. By leveraging the Wibiya platform, businesses, blogs, e-commerce sites and publishers of all sizes can boost user engagement and interaction by easily adding the most exciting services and web applications to their sites.