Connexus To Merge with Epic Advertising

Connexus Corp., operator of ad network and social media platform Traffic Marketplace, has agreed to merge with Epic Advertising, a New York-based performance network and search marketing company. no financial terms were disclosed. Connexus shareholders include Insight Venture Partners, Idealab, Oak Investment Partners and Trilogy Capital Partners. Epic Advertising backers include TA Associates.


Connexus Corporation, owner of Traffic Marketplace, the premier online ad network and social media company, and Epic Advertising, the world’s largest privately-owned performance network and search marketing company, today announced their intent to merge. The two companies will combine to form one of the largest private digital media companies globally, offering advertisers and publishers the ability to access display, search and social media internet traffic from over 225 countries and territories around the world.

Traffic Marketplace is a top 10 comScore ranked ad network while Epic works with more than 45,000 advertisers and publishers in the United States and internationally. Together, they reach over 80% of the US internet audience. The combined company will provide a full spectrum of digital marketing services, from brand building to customer acquisition. Moreover, by combining both technology platforms, the company expects to deploy a tightly integrated demand-side ad platform for its clients, creating the most efficient means to access target audiences across all forms of digital distribution channels including search, display, social media, video and mobile. The combined companies will focus on building integrated campaigns for advertisers and marketers that utilize a multi-channel approach and leverage intent data from a variety of sources to improve relevance.

Don Mathis, CEO of Epic Advertising explained: “Delivering successful digital advertising campaigns requires scale, technology and execution. Integrating our technology architectures will provide the combined company with an unparalleled demand-side ad platform capability. Moreover, we will be the leading private player of scale in the sector, and that matters: scale is reach and scale begets data. And data begets relevance for the advertisers’ campaigns.”

The Traffic Marketplace technology platform integrates data from multiple sources to increase relevance for its advertisers, with a specialty in correlating intent-based data to improve its targeting and analytics. Epic’s technology leverages a patent-pending approach to improving the effect of branding focused campaigns on customer acquisition programs. Together, the companies will be unmatched in providing relevance and performance for their advertisers and publishers on a global basis.

“We’re combining two market leaders,” said Connexus CEO Art Shaw. “Traffic Marketplace has been helping Fortune 500 companies build brand awareness and acquire customers by targeting consumers online, and Epic is the dominant player in customer acquisition for a range of advertisers. Both companies will continue to grow their core competencies, while we combine our data and technology to increase relevance across all our businesses. In addition, as experts in understanding consumer trends, we will continue to aggressively expand our reach internationally and within emerging social, video and mobile markets.”

The combined entity has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and the Silicon Valley.


Connexus Corporation ( owns Traffic Marketplace, the premier B2A™ (Business-to-Audience) digital marketing company, Traffic Marketplace delivers relevance in online display, registration path, mobile and social media advertising by empowering advertisers to reach, target, and engage their ideal audience. With access to over 140mm unique monthly users, Traffic Marketplace reaches more than 71% of the U.S. Internet population. Through powerful esp targeting technology, Traffic Marketplace can intelligently identify and deliver virtually any target audience. By employing proprietary engagement solutions such as eyengage® rich media, livemarkets™ in-banner chat technology, and inFact™ content creation service, Traffic Marketplace helps advertisers intrigue, inspire and engage their customers. For more information, log on to


Epic Advertising ( is a global online performance network and search marketing company that provides advertisers and agencies with measurable Internet advertising impact. Leveraging proprietary and patent-pending technologies, and more than 45,000 publishers, Epic provides its advertising partners with performance and direct response marketing services, search engine marketing, media planning, branded marketing campaigns and targeted, worldwide online reach. For more information, log on to