Crane Aircraft Formed to Invest in Commercial Aviation

Robert Crane, Gary Ran and Gary Weisman have formed Crane Aircraft Partners, an investment firm focused on the commercial aviation industry. Crane has experience in commercial aircraft leasing while Ran is the founder of Telemus Capital Partners. Weisman is the owner of General Wordwide Aviation. Crane Aircraft will be based in California and Michigan.


Three respected professionals, with extensive experience in commercial aviation, financial services and real estate, announce they have formed a new investment firm focused exclusively on the commercial aviation industry.  Crane Aircraft Partners, LLC, based in California and Michigan, will provide multiple investment options for investors, including direct investments in commercial aviation assets and the first aviation focused equity long/short hedge fund.

Crane Aircraft Partners, LLC is led by Robert Crane, who has more than 25 years of experience in commercial aircraft leasing and trading, Gary Ran, who is the Chairman and Founder of one of the nation’s leading independent investment firms, Telemus Capital Partners, LLC and Gary Weisman, the owner of General Worldwide Aviation, LLC and a leading commercial real estate developer.

The three have previously invested together in a number of aviation transactions. In the past five years alone, the firm’s partners have been investors in, and lenders on, commercial aviation assets valued at $100 million and have raised approximately $25 million in equity and debt capital.

The firm will use its experience and extensive relationships to raise equity and debt capital from retail and institutional investors.

“This new firm takes our very successful track record as commercial aviation investors to another level,” said Crane, “and now new investors, as well as our earlier investors, can participate in new opportunities.”

Added Ran, “In the wake of the global financial crisis, there is a need for both equity and debt capital in the commercial aviation industry. We see a ripe opportunity to earn attractive investment returns. In addition, creating an aviation focused hedge fund allows us to benefit from the knowledge and insight we’ve gained from being active investors in commercial aviation assets.”  Added Weisman, “We have experienced a great deal of success together and look forward to achieving similar results for our new venture.”

Crane Aircraft Partners expects to begin fundraising for the new firm’s first equity and debt funds within the next month.