Crashlytics Nabs $5M from Flybridge, Baseline

Crashlytics, developer of crash-reporting technology, has raised $5 million in Series A financing from investors including like Flybridge Capital Partners and Baseline Ventures. The newest round, announced on the company’s website, follows a $1 million seed round last year.


Crashlytics is excited to announce that our Series A round raised $5 million with the help from VC firms like Flybridge Capital Partners and Baseline Ventures. This follows our $1 million Seed Round last year from both firms and a bunch of great angels as well.


The Crashlytics Advantage


Since the launch of our crash reporting software for mobile applications in October, we have been swamped with interest to join our beta service. Generating great feedback from users has allowed us to perfect the lightest weight SDK on the market (with a size of roughly 40KB) while continuing to pinpoint the direct line of code that causes each crash. Furthermore, Crashlytics has eliminated the need for developers to ship an app with any debug symbols, reducing user download size by 30-50%.


Over 500 organizations are already utilizing Crashlytics and deploying our SDK to tens of millions of devices. Every day, more and more organizations are adding Crashlytics to their apps, and we’re currently in use by many top applications spanning social, gaming, and financial categories. Our goal is to continue assisting mobile app developers by revolutionizing mobile infrastructure software and repairing the disconnect between developers and consumers.


Expanding and Contributing


Over the last six months, our team has been intensely focused on multiple facets and updates to improve product. Crashlytics has been able to attract some serious and deeply technical talent that could have easily become technical co-founders at their own companies. The additional manpower just reinforces our emphasis on the overall user experience and design of our product.


Crashlytics has also been committed to the recent launch of SecureUDID. Our team cares deeply about the mobile ecosystem and community and decided to take action to solve a serious problem for numerous developers. When Apple began turning away applications utilizing UDIDs, we developed an open-sourced, industry-wide solution to the highly publicized problem. The project has created a UDID substitute allowing users to opt-out of device tracking while also restricting developers from utilizing the same unique identifier information. Over the past two weeks, we have seen SecureUDID become widely adopted by mobile applications, ad networks, and analytics systems.  We’re humbled by the positive feedback and honored that we’ve been able to help developers that previously relied on UDIDs provide value to their customers.


What’s next


Build quality is something we care deeply about. We strive each day to be the best-in-class solution by going deeper with the data we give, lighter-weight with our products, and more insightful than any alternative in a gorgeous, easy-to-use way.


Stay tuned this year for a number of exciting announcements we have in store.  We look forward to continuing to provide incredible value to developers and their mobile applications as the post-PC era grows even larger.