CRP Promotes

Capital Resource Partners has promoted Jeff Potter to partner and chief operating officer. It also promoted Peter Kagunye to chief financial officer, and Nick Scola to principal.


Capital Resource Partners is pleased to announce the following promotions for Jeff Potter, Peter Kagunye and Nick Scola.

Jeff Potter has been named Partner and Chief Operating Officer. Jeff joined CRP in 1998 as an Investment Manager before being promoted to Principal. He has served as Chief Operating Officer since 2004.


Peter Kagunye has been named Chief Financial Officer. Peter joined CRP as Vice President of Finance in 2005 from Bain Capital.

Finally, Nick Scola has been promoted to Principal. Nick joined CRP as an Associate in 2004 and was promoted to Investment Manager in 2006. As a Principal, Nick will continue to focus on leading investments in the consumer products, consumer services and healthcare services sector. Nick has led CRP's recent investments in Ganeden Biotech and The Art of Shaving.