CVG acquires GodCloud

Castle Venture Group has acquired GodCloud Inc, a Christian-focused internet portal. No financial terms were disclosed.



Castle Venture Group (CVG), led by CEO Michael Keever, has announced today the acquisition of GodCloud, Inc. (, an internet portal for Christians to seek out churches, Christian ministries, merchants, as well as the latest news and Christian events in the users local area.

The full featured website also provides numerous other services including music, videos, books, job board, classifieds, prayer and needs board. With the help of CVG, GodCloud aims to capture a large audience of Christians and those seeking answers to spiritual questions. GodCloud’s website is designed to function as a one-stop platform to fulfill the needs and wants of a Christian lifestyle.

GodCloud has an exhaustive list of features: a church and Christian business directory, music and book recommendations, social networking, events, Christian gifts and merchandise, and more. Churches, ministries, schools, merchants, and event coordinators can leverage GodCloud’s user base to reach new Christians in their area. This puts GodCloud in a unique market position. There are few, if any, websites that provide such an expansive offering of Christian resources. GodCloud is poised to fill a demand for quality Christian content that is not being fully met by other Christian sites.

One of’s more unique features is a search engine filter, built specifically for Christian use. Most search engine filters are built for children, which can be inadequate for adult use, as most of these kid-focused filters only return websites that are built for children’s educational use. Alternatively, other Christian search filters have a very limited search database since they restrict results to only “Christian” websites, often encyclopedia-style sites of scripture with little else. GodCloud’s search engine filter, however, only filters out that content which is not compatible with a Christian lifestyle, without restricting results unnecessarily.

CEO of Castle Venture Group, Michael Keever, has this to say about CVG’s new acquisition: “As a Christian company, we are excited to add a business to our portfolio that reflects our religious beliefs, and that we believe will reach Christians and those seeking spiritual truths like no other platform.”

About Castle Venture Group: CVG helps new, emerging and established companies focus their efforts, access capital and grow profitably. Castle’s portfolio of businesses covers many industries, from law firms to tech companies. CEO Michael Keever is dedicated to fostering growth in promising ventures across the state of Tennessee, and the Southeast.