Dear Tom Hicks, A Word Please?

A word of unsolicited advice, if I may. I know you’re hoping to make a comeback with the success of your investment in Liverpool Soccer Club, and all the best. But it seems to me that, at this point in the game, you may want to convey the good news to your investors and leave the general public, and the Wall Street Journal, out of it.

We get that you emerged from the telecom bubble a little more battered than others. We get that your foray into sports team ownership has been a bit hairy. And we know that your SPAC from 2007 has traded poorly. (Correction: Wrong SPAC. The right one has done fairly well.)

So we understand that when you’ve done something good, you want to tell the world! You quadrupled your money! Or at least you might, if you get the price you want! Great job! However, when you do it in a way that pisses off a bunch of people, to the point where they’re holding demonstrations in front of the stadium whenever you show up, even creating fictional Twitter accounts to diss you, you may wanna keep that to yourself. After all, you’re still America’s 371st richest citizen, and they are not.

But when you haven’t even secured the deal at the price you want, it’s probably best to avoid future embarrassment by setting expectations as high as the heavens (not saying it won’t happen, just that you never know).

So, instead of bragging that your 50% stake in Liverpool SC has been the “most profitable investment” you’ve ever made, perhaps just say you’re happy with the performance. Instead of saying “The fan blogs blame the owners” and redirecting blame to injured players, perhaps leave it at a cordial “agree to disagree.” Instead of saying “These morons will make me filthy stinking rich,” just smile politely with your hands clasped.

Ok I made that last one up, but you get the point. Redemption is sweet, and we want you to have it. We’re just looking out for ya.