December Data Dump

Tis the season for a bombardment of studies, surveys and reports. I’ve gotten a ton over the past few weeks, so here they are, summarized and ready for download.

Demystifying the Credit Crunch
From: The Private Equity Council and Arthur D. Little
What it says: I haven’t read all 20 pages of this white paper, but according to the press release, it covers the “origins of the credit crunch and the roots of the subprime crisis, which can be traced back to the early 1990s.” It also goes into the impact of all that on PE, and has revised commentary on TARP.
Download it here: Private Equity Council

Dealmaker’s Survey
From: Thomson Reuters and ACG
What it says: Middle market deal pros are bullish. 86% of em say the current M&A environment is poor. That’s down quite a bit from the middle of the year, and its not about to change.
Read it more about it here: Dealmakers’ Confidence Reaches All-Time Low
Download the full results here: Global Survey Presentation

Flash Survey on Obama & The Economy
From: Grant Thornton
What it says: 74% of senior U.S. business execs surveyed think Obama will be able to get the country out of the current financial crisis. So, um, I guess that’s a relief? A quarter of them didn’t think he’d have any effect either way.
Read more: Here

PE Breakdown for Q4
From: PitchBook
What it says: Rankings of the top firms by activity, including law firms, investment banks, private equity lenders, fund placement and advisory firms, and also fundraising stats.
Download it here: PitchBook PE Breakdown

Global Private Equity Barometer Survey
Done by Coller Capital
What it says: Fundraising next year is going to be nearly impossible, since a majority of the surveyed investors have no room to increase PE commitments.
Download it here. Global PE Barometer (Via Dealbook)

Corporate Perceptions of Private Equity
From: Mergermarket and KPMG
What it says: PE firms, now more firmly entrenched in Asia, is seen as a force of good. And other such conclusions.
Download it here: Corporate Perceptions of Private Equity

Q3 Middle Market Update:
From: W.Y. Campbell & Company
What it says: Your basic quarterly data. The theme is “the middle market has bottomed out.” Basically, it doesn’t look so resilient anymore, and the increase in deal volume for Q3 is probably due to distressed deals.
Download it here: Q3 Middle Market Update.

November M&A and Capital Markets Snapshot
From: Thomson Reuters
What it says: Your run of the mill monthly data update. Notable, there were no high yield corporate bond issuances in November. Zero. First time since 1991 that that’s happened. Syndicated loans were lowest since January 2003. M&A volume was the lowest since March of 2003.
Download them here: M&A Snapshot Nov 08, | Capital Markets Snapshot Nov 08

Q3 Report:
Third Quarter Middle Market Report
From: GF Data Resources
What It Says: Middle market deal activity slowed in the third quarter. No surprise there. Interestingly, using Total Enterprise Value as a multiple of EBITDA, deal multiples actually went slightly up in the third quarter.
View it here: Third Quarter 2008

Global M&A Monthly
From: Baird
What it says: More slicing and dicing of Q3 numbers.
Download it here.

M&A Insights: Spotlight on Intellectual Property Rights
Done by mergermarket and CRA International
What it says: IP assets are becoming increasingly important in deals.
Read about it here. Download it here: Spotlight on Intellectual Property Rights