Deerfield raises about $1.6 bln for third healthcare fund

Investment firm Deerfield has raised approximately $1.6 billion for its third fund focused on the healthcare sector. The pool will invest in areas ranging from biotech and pharmaceuticals to medical devices and animal health.


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deerfield Management Company announced today that it has launched Deerfield Private Design Fund III, an investment fund designed to provide flexible private financing to healthcare companies. The fund has approximately $1.6 billion in committed capital.
“Deerfield is proud to play a leading role in advancing innovation in the development and delivery of healthcare products and services through investment, information and philanthropy. Few other industries can have such a profound impact on the quality and length of life,” stated James Flynn, Managing Partner at Deerfield.
The mission of Deerfield Private Design III is to advance all aspects of medicine and human health. Like Deerfield’s two previous private funds, the new fund will invest in all segments of the healthcare market including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services, and animal health. It will employ a full range of financing structures including equity, debt, royalty interests, joint ventures and other structured financing alternatives. The fund is designed to provide customized solutions to private and public companies at all stages of development, ranging from early-stage start-ups to established industry leaders.
In addition to managing approximately $3 billion in public healthcare investments, Deerfield has raised and successfully invested two prior private healthcare funds. Deerfield Private Design I invested in excess of $500 million, and Deerfield Private Design II is in the final stages of committing approximately $1 billion. Each fund has supported a select group of partner companies focused on advancing healthcare. Deerfield Private Design III continues to position Deerfield as the partner of choice to address the financial, corporate and managerial goals of healthcare companies.
Deerfield has been investing in and supporting the healthcare industry for over 20 years, and partner companies benefit from its organizational capabilities. Today the firm has more than 70 experienced healthcare-focused professionals with specialized knowledge in medicine, life sciences, drug and medical device development, healthcare markets, public policy, financial instruments, tax, accounting, corporate strategy, market access research, marketing, biostatistics and sector dynamics, all of which can be leveraged by partner companies. Deerfield personnel also fully fund and manage the Deerfield Foundation, which has committed over $14 million to global organizations seeking to improve the delivery of healthcare to underserved children. Deerfield has offices in New York, Lausanne and Shanghai.
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